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  1. Goddamn didn’t realize it could take that long to potty train. Got a long wait ahead of me lol

  2. In Spain it's mandatory having your kids potty trained before going to school at 4.

  3. Congratulations dude, you did well. Enjoy your reward.

  4. I don't know why you guys are so obsessed with marriage in the USA.

  5. Just cause something is not important or is stupid to you it doesn't mean it is for everyone.

  6. Understood. But plenty of studies indicate meat being bad for you on a stepwise basis. Harm still occurs at lower levels of consumption.

  7. Can you link any of those plenty of studies?

  8. I checked and I must say it doesn't seem like an objective website.

  9. That wasn't what the comment was saying, it was saying their wife couldn't be reasoned with.

  10. Someone else initiating the sex in the first place. Dudes know what i mean.

  11. I have a character made that is Goblin Royalty with class of oracle. Backstory is the queen has a goblin child, which is left up to discussion with dm on how. People look down on him. Even the ancestors of the royal line are mad. One of the oracles type is ancestors haunting you.

  12. If you make it a halfling, that's Tirion Lannister.

  13. Don't worry dude, just don't do it in public.

  14. I was like you until one day my brain clicked and noticed nobody gives a fuck about what you do.

  15. He was physically and emotionally abusive to me, I’d hate myself for putting any child in that situation. But my family keeps condemning me for the choice I’ve made

  16. Your family has been brainwashed, you made the right choice.

  17. Having a child with a man in his 40s when I just turned 20 wouldn’t have been the right choice, but some part of me still feels guilty.

  18. If it helps you, in Europe we don't have kids until we have life figured out in our 30s and abortion is so common nobody gives a shit if you do it.

  19. Never give someone a fake victory. Doesn't matter the age. Failures are the ones that teach, false victories are the ones that make you arrogant.

  20. I'd dare to say that it has more to do with self love and self esteem than whether they let someone win or lose easily in a videogame.

  21. Had a teacher who sued a student for damaging his property. Any source on retaliation for going after a student in court?

  22. I don't know why women haven't conquered the world yet.

  23. And the thing is, people with natural looks and some flaws are way more attractive

  24. To be honest, sometimes it's not about looks at all.

  25. If my wife asked me to do it... I would try. I'd have to be pretty drunk or really into the heat of the moment and horny to have any chance of success even then I think. But yea, outside of a really good incentive to do it... why not just eat her pussy? You know, the actual sexual organ.

  26. A family is not the goal, it's the consequences of meeting a person who makes your life better.

  27. I've heard that hiring a professional might be the best bet in this sort of situation?

  28. Love is real. Love means you want your partner in a sexual and emotional way.

  29. It's incredible how society has portrait men as insatiable beasts and women as low libido when I see more unsatisfied women than men.

  30. I'm a shy person and I've met some nice people in Tinder. I guess that as a woman it's way harder finding a boyfriend, as not many young men want to commit.

  31. I think the main problem with this whole situation is that he refuses to include you in the decision making and he’s not communicating with you at all. He has unilaterally decided that he will be at his sister’s house each night, he doesn’t want you there, he decided for both of you that you won’t be going on vacation.

  32. Funnily enough, his sister will cause two divorces.

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