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  1. You are always free to book off base unless your command says no for mission requirements. You will only be reimbursed up to the on-base rate. Simple as that!

  2. That's what I am understanding, just wanted to make sure dispersing was not going to pull some random lower rate that would be below what NGIS is charging. Thanks for the help!

  3. What system are you playing on? I’ll download again right now if I can get some ffa action

  4. I'm a low hour student pilot and I got way better at flying in the pattern when I looked outside instead of at my speed and altitude guages.

  5. Yeah looking outside in your 2 minute pattern when you’re see and avoid. Now try 2-15 hours at cruise in “controlled” airspace trusting the controllers on autopilot the entire time. Even worse this looks like it’s before TA/RA Tech and there’s no electronic warning….

  6. Just did some reading, very sad to hear that none of the airframes are still intact due to being used for targeting and firefighting operations. Sad to see a piece of history like this almost completely gone

  7. Does chewing gum slowly dislodge it?? I'm gonna try it

  8. That’s the only way I’ve ever had this happen, I’ve never been able to use anything else to dig them out

  9. I met him at a Iwo Jima reunion back in 2010 He was still sharp as a tack.

  10. I heard him speak in 2019 down in Pensacola, crazy how sharp he still was then!

  11. Turn on the unlimited ammo cheat with the m16 with grenade launcher and see how many you can shoot down.

  12. SLs can kick for a few listed reasons. They select your name, kick, and one of the available reasons. It’s likely you are experiencing a comms bug if it’s been silent for that long. There’s a number of ideas about how to fix that with varying luck. I always turn off and turn on my controller when it happens. That usually fixes it for me but doesn’t always. Hopefully others can share other strategies.

  13. I always have to quit then rejoin, usually gets me back into the same game. It’s just something that shouldn’t have to happen though. I really hope the Devs can get us this patch soon

  14. False. Wait for another two days or so, then buy all you can. Their markets are sure to rebound in a year or two.

  15. If you’re on PSN, you can purchase Remastered only for like $40. It may go on sale again, but honestly I’d say it’s worth it, especially for a game that has very few, if any issues

  16. I keep hearing that and wondering where the -actual fuck- they think was burned to the ground.

  17. Are you being serious? Entire city blocks in Minneapolis were burned to the ground. An entire police precinct was abandoned and taken over, as well as a multi story affordable housing build burned. Stores were looted and many people were hurt/killed.

  18. I had no idea this even happened. Erstwhile allies and all that…

  19. This is so crazy, I had no idea either and looked up the Wiki. 2 well known countries in the 80s had a war with around 50k dead on each side and it’s never mentioned in history.

  20. And guess what people are doing right now, literally trying to silence him

  21. Imagine thinking that literally disagreeing with someone is discrimination. What a snowflake.

  22. People aren’t just disagreeing, many many people are openly calling for him to be removed from Spotify. Even high ranking members in the Biden administration. It was wrong when Trump did it and it’s sure as hell wrong when it’s happening now

  23. My ex was very similar to this. Her mom knew the shit she would try and pull, offered to represent me in court if it came to it and starting drafting a restraining order for me. So in a lot of cases the parents don’t want to deal with this either

  24. Having this problem right now on PlayStation. I’m squad leader and can’t hear command chat, and our commander can’t hear prox chat

  25. Yeah the last few days whenever I’m commander I always get one guy who joins command chat, demands to be the new commander and then spams his mic until everyone either leaves or mutes him. They then start team killing. I’d think it’s from Christmas players but it’s really only been the last few days.

  26. This has always absolutely blown my mind, I know this is much more fast paced and has more kill streaks. But I’ve been playing MW shipment since 07 and still play remastered shipment to this day. If it’s 6 v 6 there is no excuse for spawns to be this absolutely dog shit. On a map this small you will obviously get poor spawns where you need to be ready to fight at spawn, but rarely will you randomly swap spawns or spawn in the middle of an entire team.

  27. I’m just convinced cod players actually hate the game and actively want to fuck it up lol. U don’t even get kills with it, people just throw to fuck performance and visibility for the enemies, themselves and teammates. Lame losers…

  28. I mean, if the devs are this lazy, the entire game is ruined by simple additions they made, claimed they fixed and ignoring the entire community on their complaints. Go for it

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