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  1. Except he’s 100% correct. Mack Brown brought him here for a reason, Dre Bly personally recruited high star recruits from Virginia the past 2 years. His DBs also underperformed their talent each year and our top 2 CBs transferred (assumingely the moment he knew he was leaving).

  2. Should be an excellent culture fit. Not so sure about bringing in a college position coach who had a lot more success recruiting than he did developing, especially in a position group where we need development the most

  3. The nice thing about Campbell is he's not afraid to get rid of people. He demoted his OC and took over playcalling duties midway through his first season, and fired Aubrey Pleasant six weeks into the season. If Bly (or any position coach) sucks shit, they'll be gone quickly.

  4. Hard to disagree with you there. They are the best conference this year so far. We'll see in the tournament but the NCHC has dominated since its inception.

  5. B1G has the #1, 6, 7, 9, 17, and 20 ranked teams.

  6. Okay I wouldn't really say Michigan swept wmu, the games were really close and the 2nd ended in overtime

  7. (I think that's what he's talking about)

  8. Then the week after that, It’ll be the Oilers, Real Madrid, and Georgia Bulldogs

  9. BREAKING: Deal with the Seattle Sounders falls through, Bo Horvat has been traded to the KGB.

  10. Why do you assume they would've had time to spike the ball in that situation if it was called correctly on the field. Sure it sucks that they lost the opportunity to try but I feel like it would've been really close.

  11. Yup the hands touched at like half a step out of bounds honestly a pretty bad call and I'm a neutral fan lol

  12. Man what? Both his feet are fully out of bounds. That's a penalty 1000% of the time, every time. That's a dogshit stupid penalty to take and that's the end of it.

  13. I mean... he literally single handedly cost his team a shot at a Super Bowl with the most brain dead play it was feasibly possible for him to make. I'd be crying on the sidelines too.

  14. Love a good "Catholics vs Mormons" fight

  15. Love a good "Catholics vs Mormons" fight

  16. I'm a Certified Lebron Hater and even I have to admit that he got fuuuucked on that no call that literally decided the game.

  17. I'm a Certified Lebron Hater but even I have to admit that no call changed the game.

  18. I better not ever see anyone say OSU vs Michigan is a more intense rivalry than Alabama vs Auburn after this chicanery.

  19. But think of the potential double crosses!

  20. Directly comparing an interim college head coach to arguably the best manager in the history of the Premier League* is kind of a clickbait-y title, but the analysis is v cool. And it is interesting that he's literally consciously taking concepts from soccer and implementing them into hockey. In return, soccer should implement boards and checking.

  21. This is my American bias speaking but I love Matt Turner.

  22. The (passing route) patterns are so complicated!

  23. Speed in space is a fucking great concept. Urban Meyer talked a lot about it 15 years ago when he was coachin' Gata.

  24. Oh I'm not saying it doesn't work. I'm saying Gattis didn't do it well at all and eventually Michigan found their best success by going back to an albiet more sophisticated version of Jim Harbaugh manball.

  25. It should have been a sign when Gattis was sole OC for 2019-2020 then Sherrone was bumped up to share the co-OC title with him and Weiss was hired and suddenly the offense looked much different and improved.

  26. My theory is that Weiss was responsible for the Dobbs draft decision leaking. His computer crime was unauthorized access to the private Supreme Court dockets.

  27. This is my American bias speaking but I love Turner

  28. You're probably right, but I think I'm also right.

  29. That's weird, turns out I think I'm right too.

  30. I seemed to have missed the “Blumpkin” joke. Can you explain it?

  31. If a coach wants to call a timeout in the last 2 minutes of a game he should have to chop off one of his fingers and hand it to the referee.

  32. No timeouts in the last 2 minutes of the game. You think you're well coached? Prove it.

  33. I’m glad it seems like a Lions owner actually cares about the success of the team rather than just the money.

  34. WCF famously quipped "The team doesn't have to be good to make money." He was a terrible owner.

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