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  1. Fuck off Miles, I already claimed Boston Scott off waivers

  2. No. Hirabo, the off brand gummy

  3. Is it possible to learn this power?

  4. Too old, yes, too old to begin the training

  5. Install 2 toddler car seats. It'll be a pain in the ass for them to remove to get to your trunk, plus they'll think your trunk is filled with diapers, wipes, and strollers anyway.

  6. It's not suits, because according to the final season, that was all an act of revenge ¯\(ツ)/¯

  7. Which is weird because any halfway decent Cook owner would know you need to have Mattison cuffed.

  8. As a Cook owner, I played week 7 without a Flex to avoid dropping Mattison

  9. We are made in the image of God. We are loved by Him, and i believe He has an idea of the person each of us is to strive to be. Suicide gets in the way of that pursuit in a pretty big way. I don’t think the temptation does, nor even the attempt. But the conclusion of a suicide is your death before you become the person you could have been.

  10. Is that a reason for something to be illegal? It seems antithetical to the libertarian views TSers in this subreddit often espouse.

  11. Never said it was. I was asked why i thought suicide was bad, not why it should be illegal

  12. Why do you think it should be illegal?

  13. I don't think the DEA will see it that way.

  14. The purge at the end….🤯

  15. I think you mean the happy ending

  16. The last point is what seals it

  17. May not be what you want to hear, but I would recommend Google Nest. I have an original Ring doorbell and it’s “decent.” I had to go to someone’s house for work, and their Nest Doorbell and Nest outside camera (forgive me, I don’t know the exact term) were AWESOME. Head and shoulders better than my 1st Gen Ring. Great audio, great clarity. Option for full time recording. Very useful markers on the playback interface where the camera picked up a noise or a movement. The zoom feature is great. I understand the big brother concept, the subscription fee, and just the Google conglomerate, but from what I saw and interfaced with, it was worth it.

  18. If you want POE, Ring has options for both doorbell and cameras, but Nest does not.

  19. Abby cutting his tie and the subsequent chaos is up there too.

  20. Yes and no. With the Echo Link you can cast your own computer/cd player/turntable/mp3 player to any or all of your echos but it requires a wired connection. I just use a 3.5mm to RCA stereo cable from my phone or mp3 player to the link. My cd player is wired to the link with digital cables.

  21. You win my free Reddit gift.

  22. Don't be fooled. They're casing you, trying to understand your patterns so they can burglarize your home when they know you're out.

  23. The alternative is to pay for stuff. Most Redditors in here can't even seem to afford a news subscription with all the paywall bypassing.

  24. The lengths he went to for everyone he loves.

  25. Tell that to the onion rings he and Marshall just "shared"

  26. I firmly believe that a lot of shows would benefit from this mentality. Lots of times the writers get really hung up on their characters or the actors playing them and they fail to realize that it's the premise or the universe they have built that is interesting, not the people who inhabit it.

  27. Why not just pay the people who actually researched and wrote the article?

  28. Reddit Users: Fuck Facebook for offering a free service and making ad revenue off me!

  29. I hate when they always cut the clips short.

  30. CNBC reported he owed something like 15billion in taxes due to exercised stock options. It’s crazy that people think he’s doing this just for funzies

  31. That's why I voted no on his poll. How would he exercise his options and still pay his tax bill? I'm assuming he doesn't have $15 billion sitting in savings accounts :p

  32. Would you start him in the flex over Diontae Johnson with Mason Rudolph throwing to him? (My other WRs are Kupp, AJ Brown, Justin Jefferson and bench RB is Michael Carter).

  33. Next time grab the harness too when you're stealing the radio from somebody's car. That'll save you some money.

  34. You mean Felony is 20 to 30?

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