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Jag kom till Sverige från Syrien 2014 som asylsökare. AMA!

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  1. I didn't finish S7, feel like it derailed a bit, but I should wrap it up I forget to do it

  2. Honestly not sure you need to, but if you do, tell me what your thoughts were on it!

  3. Vet inte om frågan är genuin eller inte? Men vi valde Sverige eftersom vi sökte stabilitet och god levnadsstandard. I Sverige så kunde man som politisk asylsökare få uppehållstillstånd snabbt också vilket var attraktivt. Vi är inte ekonomiska flyktingar, vi är politiskt förföljda i Syrien av Assad då vi var aktivister i Syrien. Nu kanske du drar frågan "varför stannade inte ni i den närmaste säkra landet??" Well, om du fick välja mellan Lebanon, Jordanien och Turkiet eller Sverige vem hade du valt? Sätt dig själv i vår position.

  4. Är det stor skillnad på syrien kontra grannländer? Kanske en ignorant fråga men tänker eftersom sverige är likt danmark och norge haha

  5. I hear you but I think thats irrelevant reasoning. Technically all the top dog screwdrivers are branded. My Wera one is CLEARLY Wera, I mean their grip design is their logo, but it costs a third of the price. Now I know what you mean, its not just company branded, its “famous person” branded, I get it, I just dont like it 😂😅

  6. Wera is probably (I personally have no clue) also a bigger producer of these tools, meaning they have a larger capacity to make them, meaning it costs less per constructed unit, meaning a lower cost to consumers. Wera being a bigger producer also allows them better deals for raw materials since they have bargaining power. These are some reasons leading to the Wera one being cheaper. These things are also factors besides the "branding"

  7. 100%. I would think those are the biggest factors, and not really the branding. Although they did partner with an actual tool maker, one that makes the same kind of tool too, one that has manufacturing partners, etc. so it isn’t as cut and dry as that

  8. Vad ser du är det största hindret till att S skulle samarbeta med M? Man pratar alltid om de olika blocken samt höger och vänster, men om man skulle zooma ut lite och istället se till landets bästa så kanske det är en kombination av både rött och blått snarare än rött _eller_ blått som hade varit den riktiga framgångshistorian.

  9. It's all done by one user, apparently six months ago. Surprised that anyone let it stay that way for so long. See all edits here:

  10. This would be the first time I ever heard of that ship lol

  11. What is and why do you go there rather than

  12. Ah shit thats the real one! I just googled the Peverell Brothers and this site was the first that came up

  13. Om det var en förolämpning eller hot borde jag rapportera dig, men nöjer mig med att rösta ner ditt inlägg.

  14. I personally love my Logitech z506 speaker system, it'd probably work great here. (though I'm not an audiophile, and I'm prepared to be told so)

  15. Yeah I currently have ”the other standard 2.1 logitech setup” which I have had for like 10+ years, so I figured it was time for a change!

  16. Gissningsvis någon form av load-distribution så att all fotgängartrafik inte går till samma ställe och skapar trafikstockning. Tror heller inte att det nödvändigtvis är separata "bolag", utan att de alla går under "pressbyrån gbg c". Sedan som många andra har sagt, en "convenience store" tjänar ju pengar på att vara convenient, så om den finns överallt kan du inte missa den

  17. Do you have to play the DLC to get plat? That is the only thing I have yet to do and I am missing one trophy pertaining to completing all of the stories or something along those lines.

  18. I told you my intentions with the statement in my second reply. I'm not arguing semantics with you. If you are incapable of understanding it on the second try, then I can only wish you luck in your endeavours.

  19. lmao what a funny guy you're talking to here

  20. The lamps really looks drawn or cgi for some reason

  21. Bro do you know how questionmarks work?

  22. Are you guys taking this as serious as it sounds or are you having a bit of a laugh as well?

  23. I really don't like the tone of these posts. It screams of entitledment. I _understand_ that it is a joke, but at the same time the tone could be different.

  24. I feel like it has become a trend lately to criticize Linus for mistreating his employees. But no employee has come forward accusing Linus of mistreatment. And there is no evidence in any of the videos. So why should we when they obviously have more knowledge about what is actually happening?

  25. If I recall correctly, madison tried to imply something was bad but that she was under an NDA so that might be the case maybe?

  26. I think it's pretty obvious that Madison left on bad terms. But it's unclear why, it could be about an actual bad work environment. From the limited screen time I saw from her I got the impression that she was also the type of person who could easily create conflicts with other people. Now wether that is actually true or not I have no Idea. This is all speculation.

  27. Yeah having an NDA for work environment stuff seems like a really really bad idea if you want to come off as a good guy

  28. I had the exact same thing. I listened to a podcast where they interviewed the director of the movie which gave some much needed perspective. The pod is “the filmcast” if anyone is interested

  29. BRO?? you have two monitors inside the freaking case????? How do you control those?

  30. that looks like a chonker of a frickin case man what the FUCK!

  31. why does anakin have luminescent blue eyes

  32. Cheers. I immigrated from a conservative country 5 years ago. The social settings here are just completely different, not forgetting the religious means I'm bonded to, it unfortunately becomes substantially more difficult than your average Joe.

  33. Are you bounded religiously because of your own will or is it because of peer pressure from family? Just curious!

  34. Wow OP people here really seem to hate your takes on things. Im not sure how common it is for people to leave the crust like this. If was a big enough problem, the pizzerias would make sure to decrease the size of the crust since if it isn't consumed, it is waste. Smaller crust = less dough per pizza = less cost per pizza. Would not matter for singular pizzas, but would add up over time. This is therefore likely not a big problem!

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