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It may not seem like much, but after two years of struggling, my fridge is finally full tonight. [OC]

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  1. there are things i like and don’t like about his productions

  2. i did not give you permission to post a video from my first kiss.

  3. USA, STEM field, Associate Professor, been in my role for 10 years, make $80k. Brand new Assistant professors in business start at $140. IT personnel with a bachelors degree can start at $110. Football coach, ~$750k.

  4. tier 1 it help desk does not make 100k anywhere. more like 30-50k

  5. They picked the worst tripple a studio to let make marvel games. Ubisoft wouldn’t have been much better but at least they are consistently mediocre.

  6. yea it was clearly an MBA decision and not one made by those with experience in the gaming sphere.

  7. what the fuck are you talking about

  8. probably that he met with trump shortly before announcing his bid for presidency, presumably to split the (black) vote

  9. look at me, you cannot stop me, you are my humans, look upon me and weep!

  10. i’m starting to wonder if it’s all intentional.

  11. drophacks and maphacks are available for both sc2 and hots.

  12. Nashville has always had "dumb" drivers. The thing that unnerves me is the dramatic rise in asshole/mentally ill drivers. Like we've all been dumb before, so it's forgivable if annoying. But the number of deeply disturbed people on our roads is noticeably worse.

  13. i don’t think more cops solves this problem.

  14. my tux is named lydia! her namesake is from beetle juice

  15. ah ah ah ah staying alive staying alive

  16. fall?! but it’s only… oh god, time strikes again

  17. While between jobs earlier this year i was known to leave waaaaay outdated food in my fridge just to make it feel full since i couldn’t afford to replace most of what spoiled anyways

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