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John Fetterman wins Pennsylvania Senate race, defeating TV doctor Mehmet Oz and flipping key state for Democrats

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  1. Will Smith should go smack her. He’s got real world experience.

  2. Also, who does she think should care for orphans?

  3. Far West Texas towns with nearly no population? That's not going to stress the grid.

  4. So you, particular human, agree there was a snow storm “somewhere” in Texas.

  5. God bless you sir and don’t change who you are!

  6. Fucking fake news! I HATE Ted Cruz! But you legitimately panicked me that it was going to freeze in Texas in November. Checked the weather forecast and you’re FULL OF SHIT! GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

  7. I’m in Brewster county at this very moment and the mountains all look like we’re in Colorado.

  8. It's a matter of what's least bad. Fuck Elon Musk and his generational wealth from emerald mines in Africa. You couldn't pay me to use his shit.

  9. Yup, and isn’t he going to make Twitter into the most accurate source of information?…

  10. Not me. He was never a real dad. More like a sperm donor. My step dad was much more a dad.

  11. I’ve had a rift in my family since I was 4. Hopefully he can change his ways before he, “kicks the bucket”.

  12. Had that theme to him before 2009 as a democrat right?

  13. he will most likely be the nominee for 2024. if he isn't, i hope that he will run as an "independent" or better yet, start his own party. the Republican party as it exists should go away.

  14. I’ll wear my “Made in China” MAGA hat if he starts the MAGA party.

  15. Well, it’s definitely a lot of hair clogging it up. What else is there to do?

  16. I never have and never will vote Republican. Unless I also want to be a domestic turd.

  17. Biden: “Psst… While the House is distracted with Hunter’s laptop, I’ll fix the economy. HeHeHe, it’s my evil master plan.”

  18. And burying her like a German Shepard on his golf course for a tax break, probably

  19. So we’re all invited because it’s a public cemetery, right?

  20. Today I learned those "tubes of meat" are called "chubs". Why am I laughing so hard at that?

  21. But yet he still supported X-president Trump after January 6.

  22. Is he, and other GOP politicians, doing this now because he’s not scared of the X-president’s power to “unleash the lynch mob”?

  23. Giving up soda was one of the best decisions of my life. It was not taxes that led to this decision, but I am all for taxing deadly consumables like Coke and cigarettes.

  24. Young Americans are not buying the MYGUN=MYFREEDOM propaganda that still confuses and manipulates older white Americans (and a lot of Redditors, too).

  25. And I find the freedom part is so stupid because…

  26. The wind fans blew the traffic over to New Mexico! This is the Democrats fault.

  27. New Mexico is really Mexico so we can build a border wall along their border with federal funds to block the illegal wind alien spirit demons.

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