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  1. a calico boy? how rare! do you happen to know the circumstances of his birth? like, if he's a chimera, or if he has two X chromosomes... I'm a genetics enthusiast, so I would love to know for scientific purposes

  2. Yeah. Calico boys are like Legendary Pokemon. Very very rare. The downside is that, because it is often caused by chromosome glitches, they can have a lot of health issues

  3. I'll ask the family I got him from. He came from a black and white mama that has had a couple litters. I've always been curious about genetics myself

  4. Some places in BH and DTLA apparently have mandatory valet. How do you park your own car? Tip them more to let you park yourself or plan in advance?

  5. I simply don't go to those areas. Also I moved away from LA. So thankfully I don't have to put up with all those money grabs. Pay to park at the beaches, museums, clubs, venues, restaurants! Not to mention the tow trucks looking to steal your car if you park elsewhere. It's out of control!

  6. Where do you live now that you have access to all these things plus you get free parking?

  7. Moved back to Portland, OR. Downtown and certain areas have parking structures, restrictions and meters. Very few restaurants and clubs require valet. There's even places along the Oregon Coast where you can park literally on the beach for free! Even when I lived in Honolulu the parking and valet wasn't as bad. LA is terrible!

  8. This is all of our lives summed up in 5 seconds. Get used to it fellas!

  9. Did Shaq forget about those awful General Insurance commercials? Not only are they terrible but that company is one of the worst rated insurance companies!

  10. Also for anyone not familiar with what happened before the fight, Cutelaba (black shorts) charged his opponent when their names were being announce.

  11. Tbh this game is becoming better than Madden! Madden isn't even football anymore. I just called cover 4 Palms on a 3 and long with 23 seconds left in 2and qtr and every one of my defenders played man to man and gave up a TD! This game is fucked. EA is losing a ton of lifetime fans. I've Bern playing since Sega!

  12. cover 4 palms has like one purpose in the game and its to stop plays in near close flex. any other use of it is asking to get burned

  13. No, drop 4 in quarters or palms and they can't get big plays. They may get 20 or 30 yards but you should always have the zone over the top. Either way you missed my point. If I call any cover 4 zone play I can understand a couple players messing up and going M2M but my whole defense? 🤔

  14. He's rolling over in his grave because of what his game has become! It's not even football anymore!

  15. You guys actually know he’s not dead right

  16. My WR shattered the receiving yards record, 2080 with 22 TD, and didn't even show up in MVP voting. While Lamar Jackson Won MVP with 22 int

  17. It reads, "This extremely mediocre beer is actually 99% water. Drink responsibly while you attend the family bonfire and contemplate whether or not it's ok to sleep with a 2nd cousin"

  18. "The Gateway Pundit is an American Far-Right news and opinion website. The website is known for publishing falsehoods and spreading hoaxes" -Wikipedia

  19. If he gets sick and loses muscle, would he have to throw out all his tank tops?

  20. And divorce his wife. Because he also gatekeeps having muscle determining if you get a spouse.

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