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  1. I would wish him Happy Birthday, but wait for him to initiate any other contact after the birthday conversation. If he later asks why, be honest with him about his poor conversation etiquette, possibly saying something along the lines of “I thought maybe I was bothering you because of that. I can take a hint, you know”

  2. INFO. Are you this coworkers supervisor or manager? If so, then absolutely NTA are you are doing the right thing. If however you are your coworkers "equal" as it were then I would be very careful about continuing this. I wouldn't say your an AH but it's very easy to come across as a busy body or maybe even singling your coworker out. I would raise this to a line manager rather than trying to deal with it yourself and giving the other coworker a chance to play the victim card

  3. Do they make a base game? I feel like I only ever see red dragon inns with numbers behind them.

  4. I would typically go for the ones that sound interesting to you. Like pirates? Go for 4. Want the big box? Go 5. Want interesting tavern/drink deck variety and mechanics? 8. The fun of the game for me has always been the theme over mechanics. I don't think there's a single expansion that I dislike to the point of feeling regretful that I purchased it.

  5. Fair enough. I wish I could see all the decks but that option is only available for a few of the characters

  6. Yeah we were friends for a couple months but I felt like there was something more there so I decided to test the waters

  7. Please don't hit on people at the gym. It's not a social situation.

  8. I just fundamentally disagree with that though, I personally know two couples that met at the gym

  9. Decouple genetic viability and survival of the species from success with the opposite sex?

  10. I’m not exactly talking about genetic viability and specific survival though. I’m talking about getting respect and social status from getting laid a lot. My main issue is that if you’re otherwise successful or great, it shouldn’t be held against you if you aren’t successful with women. Some men just have a lot of anxiety around women and don’t know how to talk to them.

  11. I can confirm that having a hot wife does increase your social capital immediately. I've literally had guys come up to me and say "you must really have something going on" just because they met my wife.

  12. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Even if you otherwise don’t have a lot of success, having a smoke show wife makes you cooler automatically.

  13. NTA. He didn't address his bullying habit at the time, so guess what, you still carry that pain with you. The years between don't matter. If he'd offered his hand the day after a bullying spree, you wouldn't take it. So why should you now?

  14. Ikr? he was a three sport athlete so he had plenty of sycophants back then, and it’s infuriating that he still seems to have a pack of worshipers that don’t care how awful he is

  15. unfortunately most men that aren’t in the same boat just don’t care. men typically don’t have a lot of solidarity with each other. i wish it was different though

  16. You are not talking about people caring though, you are talking about obligation.

  17. Not a phenomenon. There have been sad sacks who do the ‘mail order bride’ thing or are ‘sexpats’ or whatever the current terms is.

  18. I guess the thing that I’m trying to work out is why are they trying so hard to recruit other men to join them?

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