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Peaceful settlement at a soccer game

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  1. Eating beetroot can make your pee red.

  2. Are you sure you were looking at her?

  3. Pyaar tha jab tak youtube pe ad skip kar sakte the, aur jab youtuber koi promote kar raha tha, tab video forward kar dete the..

  4. I read this in Mandal's voice from Pitchers, totally convincing anyway.

  5. He sounds like the dads who say that they have to “babysit” their own kids. No, it’s calling parenting.

  6. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

  7. Exercise, meditate and build something on your own.

  8. None of your whining will result in me being kicked out of the team. Here, take this.

  9. Mitchell Starc certainly one of the most underrated fast bowlers of our era.

  10. Nothing surprising, Koach loves other players who are in the same league as him. He has genuine fondness for talent and skill.

  11. He wants to play, he wants to win.

  12. In all seriousness, KL and Rohit should be dropped. There is so much talent out there

  13. KL particularly has been given so many chances, it’s really time to give someone else a chance. Even players like Shreyas Iyer have shown tremendous resilience against big teams. They should be given more chances at the very least.

  14. Yup. Some players keep doing that. Just move on.

  15. YTA. You don’t accidentally make something 2 out of 7 days that a family member specifically requested that you not make. Couldn’t you also make an alternative? Clearly this is a symptom of a far bigger problem in the household.

  16. Yeah, I agree with this answer. All the people saying NTA should read this.

  17. That sounds great, happy for ya! Remember that things can go south sometimes and your opinion of him can change sometimes, but sail through it. Remember how you feel now and get through the tough times. All the best!

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