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Alex Jones must pay more than $45 million in punitive damages to the family of a Sandy Hook massacre victim, jury orders

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Alex Jones must pay $4.1 million to parents of a Sandy Hook school massacre victim in defamation case, jury rules.

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  1. Oh wow. She's got signs all over Meadow Woods with Puerto Rican flags attached to them. But her site says her "husband's family" is Puerto Rican, she never claims to be herself? That's a big fucking yikes if she's not...

  2. It's wild that Americans will put pictures of politicians up on their front lawns.

  3. And somehow Labour are only 6 points up in the polls! WHAT?

  4. Rubbish. My 2017 home is insulated to fuck and bakes in summer. People give off about 100w in heat.

  5. Your TV and a couple of lights are 300w? What do you have, an old plasma TV and halogen lights?

  6. There’s already at leat one pub I’ve read about that’s had to close due to the energy bills. Pubs will likely have to charge more too.

  7. Husband and I are certainly getting into the "I genuinely cant afford this" bracket here.

  8. It's coming. People are comfortable in the summer, but the winter is going to be very very tough. It's a worry for sure.

  9. This is true. But IMO it's better than inhaling their tar-smoke-flavoured nicotine addiction.

  10. I agree. However what I find with vapers is they'll vape in places they wouldn't dare smoke. In Sainsbury's, in a waiting room, pretty much anywhere.

  11. Well spotted! I was wondering if anyone would even pick up on that.

  12. For lithium-ion it is the combination of fully charged batteries at temperature that has a detrimental effect on recoverable capacity of long term stored batteries. If you are not using your batteries longer term store them in a cool place, about half charged and check them every couple of months just in case.

  13. I have a set of craftman versastack boxes. I have a box dedicated to batteries and chargers. Im pretty mobile though and need them all in one spot so i can take them in and out of my truck every day. They have been in that box for 2 years. I hear it isn’t good to keep batteries on tools for long term storage so i make sure to take off. In the winter i bring the box inside so they don’t get too cold. It can get below 0 where i am at

  14. That's a good point and as soon as I get home I'm going to remove the batteries from the tools I don't use often. Thanks.

  15. Is this fair? They've just lost their child (months ago, I know), but villanising them online is not what that family needs right now.

  16. A last stand that happens every year, often multiple times a year

  17. What companies took part in the Great strikes of 2021?

  18. Wait, what's the T in the 2.0T? Turbo? Is it petrol?

  19. Nice one. Only interested in the loud jets though, so glad to see the typhoon there

  20. I love the typhoon! I miss the vukcan bomber though, that was one of the loudest. My jetski broke down on its last flight and I drifted into the crash zone and it flew straight over my head. So loud!

  21. We had to pay £5 for our photos 8 years ago. Cash only.

  22. Duped rubes combined with active foriegn bad actors stoking dissent since 2015 or earlier see his debacle as a potent dividing line while the right wing sees it as a talking point to weaponize to further the grift.

  23. The West's time is well and truly coming to an end. We have had it too good for too long and we've become complacent. So many of us are so easily duped and brainwashed.

  24. I am a woodworker. The amount of time I waste while men in hardware stores digest that is truly stunning.

  25. I'm sorry but I think I'd be one of those men. As a father of 2 daughters, I love it when I see women breaking barriers like that. I'd be so proud if one of my girls learned a skill like woodworking. But thanks for the heads up, I'll keep that in mind.

  26. Any idea of BHP? How's performance? We need more pics of the car, please.

  27. Millennial dad's spend 7x as much time with their kids as boomers did. So many people in the workforce don't understand this shift in culture and expect men to just adore working and spending time away from family. The truth is we don't hate our family like they did.

  28. I work so much, sometimes 70 hours a week, and I can't stop. It's like I've been emotionally conditioned to work these hours. The extra money is great, but if I'm being honest I could do with working less.

  29. They recently started putting public barbecues in Bournemouth, right in front of the beach, seems like it has worked out pretty well for now.

  30. They did. I think BCP council somehow paid £100k for them or something.

  31. I mean it's good that they're banning them, but also - who's going to M&S for a disposable barbecue?!

  32. Would have thought the ideal time for BCP Council to buy the company and operate on behalf of the residents. But they probably expect everyone to cycle to work now.

  33. Ahh the days of Limewire and infecting your PC trying to get the latest tunes.

  34. I'm a disabled person in a rural area. I hate cars. Car-centric societies make things more difficult for disabled people. Not easier

  35. This is a great point. Cars are a great help for disabled people in rural areas, but only because society was designed like that.

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