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  1. Does anyone else suspect this was actually a suicide, but he just perhaps hired someone to kill him?

  2. Back in my high school, everyone thought the Marx Brothers were cool and the Three Stooges weren't. I was the lone 3S fan. After the better part of a century, my opinion hasn't changed.

  3. If you are an animal and Steve Irwin didn't like you, the problem is you.

  4. Jet Jaguar's long lost great uncle that no one ever talks about. For good reason.

  5. This happened to me. My hair is thicker now than it was thirty years ago.

  6. Say what you want about the man, but, Warlords of Altantis and Humanoids From the Deep are damn fun films.

  7. Stanley Donen would later go on to direct the Lionel Richie music video Dancing on the Ceiling.

  8. Eramatti Mangamma would have been a kick-ass name for an 80s heavy metal band.

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