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  1. 2042 and others are on gamepass so try it there

  2. I enjoyed the movie, it had a few wtf that doesn't make any sense moments but overall it was definitely enjoyable.

  3. I want an attractive woman to perform some sexy wrestling moves on me.

  4. I don't believe in 100% digital. Tech is never fully reliable. I always carry cash. Don't be stupid like westerners who don't carry cash and then have to beg to customer service or other people for cash in case of emergency.

  5. Just eat more bro. Eat lot of bananas for quick weight gain.

  6. It's my first ever laptop so any recommendations? It came a month ago and so far I'm really enjoying Cyberpunk! Maybe I'll play RDR2 :)

  7. Congrats, add another 8gb ram asap. It will increase your fps easily by 20-30% and eliminate stutters due to low ram.

  8. Bhai mei har mahine movie dekh lu if they make the fkn tickets affordable

  9. Was about to comment the same. 100rs rakho tickets for such movies then people will come.

  10. Director's cut has 1600 rs tickets lol, what are you smoking bro?

  11. Archana is piece of shit. Typical egoistic politician. Don't understand why this sub simps for her

  12. Bruh the difference is there is no evidence to believe they're dating or they like each other romantically

  13. Google them. There’s enough online to link them.

  14. Yeah but most people don't read online gossip so they wouldn't know. We can only react to what's shown on tv and what was shown wasn't enough to raise concerns. And the guy certainly seems much more stable and sane than Shalin

  15. Don't need to be an expert to know the probability of bottom retest is high considering its still basically close to the bottom.

  16. I literally said you can believe it or not, but unless you have evidence of another one then you have no argument, you don’t have evidence of another one so…

  17. 3 is extreme propaganda. The real number would still be closer to the 6500 than 3

  18. Getting paid more, having to work less, winning the lottery, etc

  19. What is the name of the subreddit where you found this?

  20. Seriously. One month old and already so popular. Luck is a funny thing

  21. Just wait for the news channels. They will be after the baby worse than Taimur

  22. FD is the best option for 1 year. MFs are for long term investments as they fluctuate up and down alot in the short term. Gold is mostly stable but won't give much returns, again Gold is used as a long term asset.

  23. This is the correct answer. Other answers are incorrect.

  24. That's way too much. I usually don't require more than a gallon in a year.

  25. I think this is a good decision. This will allow us to study the effects the virus has on human test subjects.

  26. This is why I laugh when people are like “bro you leave your crypto on a CEX. your stupid af.” I’m like if CB or binance go down then this whole thing is over anyway. Yubikey Auth on Coinbase account is all the protection you need imo.

  27. This kind of comment just comes across as someone who is impossible to please. Kind of like the people who want a small phone then complain when that phone has some compromises like less cameras or a smaller battery life. You want a small phone which already doesn't sell well and inevitably cost a lot more to develop than larger phones but then you want them to cut into the profit margin even more and demand it sell for almost nothing? That's not a viable business strategy for any company and its inevitable any company attempting it would have to cut so many corners the product wouldn't be worth the selling price anyway.

  28. I think you got me wrong. I want mid range specs for mid range price in small size.

  29. That’s the exact kind of phone I’m describing as completely infeasible and an unreasonable demand. Mid range devices are often a result of decreased profit margins and not often that much cheaper to build. For example: iirc, at one point the iPhones were rumored to costing around $300 or so to produce. They sold for $1000 which means a $700 profit per device. Even if your mid range cost $150 to produce (which it won’t) selling for $300 means you may not break even after factoring in r&d and marketing costs.

  30. I guess this makes sense. But as a niche user, I do feel sad there is not a single phone under $300 in my country which is smaller than 6.4. Ironic considering Android is supposed to be all about choices. And they are removing headphone jacks, sd card slots and chargers as well.

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