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  1. Sad I missed it. How was your time at Corning, did you learn a lot?

  2. It was great! I definitely need to go back for a week long class though, one weekend and just one day to see the collections wasn't enough.

  3. How's your blade tension? too low tension can also cause the blade to wander

  4. Wire is so much easier to cut consistent chips off of though

  5. I've been using some China opaque white tubing recently to make a series of goblets, and I don't have any of the rod to match. So I've been melting them down and pulling them into rod to use for avoglios and such

  6. Most glass artists, even ones that have gained some popularity outside the glass world, are pretty receptive to calls and emails, it's one of the ways we make sales after all.

  7. I love Aniellos Pizza, they close at 10 or 10:30pm. Four Fights and Liquid Shoes brewing if you’re interested in meeting folks and/or drinking.

  8. Have fun! CMOG is nothing short of amazing. Make sure you get as much time in the museum as you can stomach - either before or after your class. Their ancient glass collection is unrivalled, and particularly dear to me. Enjoy!

  9. I'm planning to spend all day tomorrow in the collections, from museum open to close

  10. As long as there is enough air volume and airflow through the chimney, and the glass is thin enough, it's not really an issue. The draft from the flame pulls fresh air up with it through vents, and the fresh air helps cool the globe. It also helps to ensure the heating that does occur is uniform, and so long as the glass heats up slowly and relatively uniformly, it won't crack

  11. That's a really impressive seal between the mouthpiece tube and the main body tube, nicely done

  12. You see my name have an ignorance question if you don't mind sharing, how do I go about the tank route? I read tanks only give you 7lpm? Must be wrong! I want to maximize and purify and " concentrate the perfect max blend to go about things as swiftly as can be with things I have under my belt, do I fill WITH the concentrator? Humbly asking ..

  13. You feed the output of the concentrators into the inlet of an oil-free air compressor, which pressurizes the oxygen to fill a tank.

  14. The compressor keeps the purity in tact ?

  15. As long as you aren't pulling from the oxygen concentrators harder than they can supply. You either have to match the compressor size to the oxycon output, or you have to have a mechanism in place to only turn the compressor on when the oxycon output pressure is above some threshold

  16. Just firing it will probably lead to blisters and any dirt that’s got into the cracks will then fire with the enamel and lead to a poor result. If the rest of the job is in good condition you’d be better to stone out the cracks (without hitting the silver) and re-lay that area with fresh enamel. Be warned that any fine cracks in the rest of the piece will open up and need attention though which is why it’s sometimes quicker to totally strip and re-enamel the whole piece.

  17. if it's real glass enamel, just re-fire it.

  18. Murrine - Find an artist who makes similar designs to what you have in mind and ask if they will do a custom pull for you. There are plenty of well known Murrine makers, both in soft glass and boro. You just have to find the one who's style is close to what you have in mind and who's willing to do custom work. There are several IG and FB groups for that type thing.

  19. It’s for welding lol had it before I started this endeavor. It’s a Bobcat on 2 5lpm concentrators but even with 2 the psi is lower then 10 so I’m not sure and it looks totally different with shades. It’s extremely quite no roaring sound like I’ve seen in studios.

  20. Hey bobcat shouldn't roar, if you have it turned up to the point that it's roaring that means you need a bigger torch for the work you're trying to do

  21. Yeah, I have a bobcat as well, and it doesn't make enough noise for me to hear it over my ventilation

  22. She shouldn't be a cop if she's can't even subdue a 64 year old man.

  23. Because that's a thing we want in our society... A group of above the law citizens who are allowed to singlehandedly decide other citizens deserve to be subdued...

  24. An I the only one to notice the officer pushed him first, put hands on him first, and basically did all the physical escalating.

  25. add them at every intersection. make it as uncomfortable as possible for cars to go fast.

  26. The problem with that is that Harrison is a huge throughway for emergency vehicles. Multiple speed humps would impede those services and damage the vehicles.

  27. I really don't buy that as a legitimate reason to not put traffic calming measures in place... Even dropping the speed of those vehicles improves safety and at very little cost to total travel time

  28. Yeah, essentially the same, boro is just stiffer and doesn't like to melt in smoothly as easily as soft glass does.

  29. Hey! check out the Hive13 Makerspace! They have a full sewing/fiber crafts area, and do monthly (Friday evening) needlecraft nights! My wife and I regularly bring our son (and have since he was tiny), as do several other folks who come regularly. It's pretty common for folks to have a few drinks while stitching too, and we normally go in on Chameleon Pizza to share. The next needlecraft night is October 21st, I hope to see you there! (there are open meetings every Tuesday as well)

  30. I took a look at their website and I cannot tell. Is that only for members?

  31. Needlecraft nights are open to the public for anyone interested, as are the weekly Tuesday evening meetings. Joining as a member gets you a key fob and 24/7 access to come in whenever you like.

  32. Madison's at Findlay Market normally has them this time of year.

  33. your builder should be plenty capable of coordinating that... if not, find a new builder, ASAP

  34. You have a security cam pointed up? What are you trying to be secure against, a bug like the one Will Smith was fighting in the OG Men in Black?

  35. Some have been for a long time... Always been aweful and continues to be...

  36. Hello there fellow glassblower! Enamels come in all sorts of COE ranges, it's not as specific for most enamels as we need for vessel work. Coper, silver, and gold work with a whole range of expansions, they are not as picky as thicker glass sections are. The enamel folks typically use different units for the expansion from the units we use for 33/96/104 etc. COE glasses to, so the numbers won't be comparable (linear vs. volumetric expansion).

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