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  1. Those comments on that thread just shows how uneducated people are.

  2. If you each withhold as "Single/Married with two incomes" and have similar incomes, it doesn't really matter if you claim 0 and your husband claims 2, or you each claim 1. It will have the same effect across your household.

  3. Thank you so much! I also wasn't sure what to do with the employee's withholding certificate. I just said to withhold another 100$ to make sure. But I didn't fill in anything else. Do you think that's ok? Tax documents are so complicated. I have so much respect for everybody who understands anything like that.

  4. An extra $100 is probably an insane amount of overkill, as long as you both elected the Single/Married with two incomes option. Unless you make a lot of money, California has very low income taxes and $100 per pay period is a huge amount extra to withhold.

  5. Thank you so much. Yeah I'll probably get a lot back then. Just wanted to make sure! But thank you so much. I'm always afraid of not paying enough.

  6. 100%. I didn’t aways weight my food before and didn’t track intake and output exactly.

  7. I ate around 1200 kcal. I’m small so that was enough for me!

  8. I have tickets for myself but if something ever happens ill hit you up.

  9. Thank you so much! I really hope you’ll be able to go because it’s such an amazing experience!

  10. What out for scams. Already got 5 messages with people wo apparently have “3” Tickets

  11. I think they changed it a while ago. Before that it was more noodles and actually good. It was basically Mike’s mighty good ramen (Noodles and sauce package was the same + tasted exactly the same.)

  12. Try holding icecubes when it happens or eating something spicy or sour.

  13. "Low wages, private health insurance, high tages even for low wages, institutional discrimination for foreigners." Where the hell are you living? Chemnitz?

  14. My mother-in-law said basically the same thing to me. Careful, you’re replaceable.

  15. Yes and I can totally understand thay bit the guy who wanted to harvest the tree was a 45 year old white dude in a huge mercedes.


  17. Those people = people who take our fruit. Just to make sure: it is a 45 year old white dude driving a mercedes.

  18. It’s often treated with surgery and then wearing a special leg splint to not put any weight on the leg often for years. That’s at least what they did for my brother. He started to have really bad knee pain and then couldn’t walk anymore. I think he was about 3 years old back then.

  19. I think he meant the typical LA you see on pictures etc. Like 3rd street, Venice, Coffee Shops in Brentwood etc. The LA you see on Modern Family etc.

  20. Ahhhh vielen Dank! Ich suche das jetzt schon seit Jahren und keiner kannte es! Dachte schon ich hatte einen sehr realistischen Fiebertraum. 😂

  21. My gsp is exactly the same. She will literally starve herself before eating kibble. I started to cook for her (chicken, zucchini, broccoli, rice, carrots) and I mix it with some of her kibblez

  22. I can totally understand that. I’m also an european expat in California. But what helps me is facetiming my parents 2 times a week. I also fly home twice a year for 5-6 weeks total. If I would live at home I wouldn’t see my parents as much as I see during that time. Maybe I’d go see them once a month for a weekend. So 24 days? Way less. If I would live closer I would probably never sleep at my parents house and have breakfast with them or watch movies in our PJs. So all in all I see them more and spend more quality time with them. Now if my parents also visit me for 2 weeks a year it’s nearly tripple the time I’d see them if I would be living in the same country as them.

  23. That’s great, I’m happy to hear you made the right choice. Usually we end up making the most of the times with our family if it’s not “for granted” as it was before. Funny how that works. May I ask on which type of status you are in the states? Thanks for your reply as well.

  24. I feel like her super fans will buy anything. Even if they don’t have a baby. Edit: spelling

  25. Just say no. You can also just say: Sorry he/she is not friendly. Or they didn’t have all their vaccines yet.

  26. So, not a merge or die situation but more like a suicide merge situation: 405 going north, where it interchanges with the 101.

  27. I once was in an uber that missed the exit, went into that space that’s right before the road divider, reversed and then took the exict. Nearly shat myself.

  28. That sounds pretty normal. Is it soaking wet or just moist? Most of my plants in nursery pots can stay moist for almost two weeks. Everything in terracotta usually dries out in a week

  29. It’s only moist not wet! Thank you that’s good to know!

  30. Are they sitting in still water in the decorative pots? Or has lighting changed?

  31. They are not sitting in water I just checked. And the lighting has not changed. I watered them really well after I potted them though.

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