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  1. Maybe now the 16yr olds on this sub won’t be asking to trade our All-NBA level player for Gordon Hayward, or whoever

  2. Knicks should still trade for Hayward, just not Randle for him obviously

  3. He's also a power forward shooting eight 3s a game, and his field goal percentage is atrocious for a forward

  4. Who cares about field goal percentage, his 2 point percentage is good which translates to ts and actual important stat as I said

  5. You should care about a guy's percentages it indicates how well he's shooting

  6. Field goal percentage is outdated, ts is a way better efficiency stat which is what everyone uses now

  7. Dennis Schröder - Sure, but he'll ask for too much.

  8. Depends. Does RJ play like he did in the playoffs with more space available?

  9. RJ was the same player in the playoffs and regular season

  10. He should retire a Nugget. I like the guy, but didn't like how selfish he was with Jeremy Lin. That team should have gone places!

  11. The team did go places the year after when they got rid of Lin

  12. Why would we move RJ instead of Randle. I’d rather the Knicks rely on a young slashing SF than a jumpshooting big that gives nothing on defense.

  13. In what fantasy word is RJ a 2 way player?. Average on offense and bad on defense

  14. Randle put up 25 10 and 4 on 58 ts. RJ put 19.5 5 and 3 on 53 ts and was rated was one of the worst defenders by all metrics and stats

  15. How is it talent wise when we have an All-NBA player, a top 5 PG and a 22 year old who just averaged 20 in the playoffs.

  16. Randle gets all the criticism that Domantas Sabonis escapes after being brutally exposed??

  17. Conspiracy theory what if Melissa was a Landy double agent the entire time

  18. This is the first album where I genuinely have no idea what's going to win

  19. I would still like to stock some resources for a larger move after next season... Yes, we currently have all of our draft picks but people overdo it when they act like that's a lot of assets... Those are the assets we're supposed to have.

  20. Most teams don’t have it since they traded future protected picks

  21. If most teams traded away future first protected pics, that means some teams have those picksls..right? They didn't just disappear, somebody traded for them... Which means there are teams in the league with their first round picks and then some.. I don't think we have more than what we're supposed to have...and other teams have their own, plus "then some"

  22. Not true cause of the future protected picks for example some teams only owe one draft pick but can’t trade any because of that

  23. Absolutely not. after just losing in the playoffs we have 2 feel good narratives right now.

  24. Ja is a superstar who he held a gun and RJ is just below average

  25. What about it doesn’t sit right with you? Brian transcended The Beach Boys. The Beach Boys were Brian and his brothers, both of whom are dead, giving great backing to an out-of-place cousin who, although he had the least vocal talent, bullied his way into being lead singer. This current band of imposters he’s touring with is a joke. Brian is above it.

  26. There’s no way you believe that’s what happened lol

  27. There are 82 game players and there are 16 game players. Randle is an 82 game player.

  28. If it were up to me I’d look to trade Rokas, Fournier and Rose and a few 2nds for Gordon Hayward. Immediately upgrades the shooting and scoring of the bench. Plus he’s on an expiring contract

  29. His full year numbers, especially from 3, were not good… if we are consolidating or moving pieces, we need shooting back.

  30. Well yeah since he had a terrible stretch of the season when he came back from injury but was on a tear after that. Also he shot great nearly his entire career

  31. Personally I would do Fournier+ Obi for Gordon Hayward and run a second unit of Deuce IQ Hayward Hart Hartenstein. Overall I agree with you not doing anything drastic. I absolutely think we should be running a 10 man rotation next year

  32. Id honestly start Hayward his second half numbers were insane and he’d probably be the best wing on our team

  33. Can’t believe people are watching him go 4-16 in a game 7 and wishing we trade our entire future for him

  34. Why have Joel Embiid when you have RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson

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