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  1. OK, this sounds promising. The pump runs at night a little, and I assumed that was for heating. Are filter cycles a separate process from that?

  2. Filter may use your main pump on a low speed set to a schedule. Heating occurs with the main pump as needed. It will be different if you have a circ pump though

  3. I paid $250 for wind mit and 4 point very recently

  4. Drill through the concrete below the screening aluminum. It appears after many years of water retention - it will start to crack to allow water to seep out. I’m thinking of putting small holes but large enough to where dirt and debris can flow out as well.

  5. We did two things: we drilled holes just like you indicated in the pic, just less of them.

  6. I listened to the new track few times and I almost can't see the difference :( It seems Joe is somewhere back there on the backing vocals dunno :/

  7. There are a LOT of reports of the 12v batteries not having a long service life. If it is an original 2018 battery - it is probably just time to replace it.

  8. I trust this map because West Palm Beach is in Jacksonville

  9. IMO you gotta tip, particularly if you are picky and ask a lot of questions. $300 delivery I tipped $100

  10. Those reviews are brutal geez. There are concerns with a very short lifespan and it seems very common for them to ship a cover that doesn't fit the spec.

  11. If you don’t mind answering what did it come to?

  12. They quoted us 12k for the R6L (11,995 to be exact)

  13. Oh sorry also is that price with the standard one pump or did you upgrade to two?

  14. Old or new version? Nothing like a passionate discussion about an undefined subject!

  15. Version of what? I left it open ended for a reason

  16. New versions of both the live guide and the library UI are being rolled out — slowly apparently. The answer to your question depends on which version, and most replies aren’t even stating which version. Confusing at best.

  17. As the OP, I don't give a shit if it's the new or old version. I just want to know if there is anything out there that compares to a CATV guide, and thus far, the answer is no.

  18. If you are bored with what you are practicing, practice some different stuff. wtf

  19. Y'all heard what Gabe Davis said on Pats show right? Please someone bring a Billdo. The world needs this.

  20. Billdos are for Brady. And sometimes just the Pats but really for the memory of brady in those cases

  21. Him to be fully healthy and not have to receive treatment. What the hell do you think I want?

  22. Glad someone is. Seems a fully healthy QB is an unpopular opinion here.

  23. Exactly, they don't like this stat because both the Bills and the Bengals have better streaks than the chiefs, but if I were them I'd stay quiet because they are lucky that game wasn't played

  24. And "Mahomes should have been intercepted" is a good poing, even when it wasn't.

  25. I heard he kicked a puppy after the last game.

  26. I’ll wait for the video but also run with it

  27. Isn’t the Bills market kind of America at this point?

  28. This is wonderful!! Thank you, Amplifi!

  29. agree nice add, I was just wondering about this

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