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  1. I’ll have to get my hands on it, I’ve tried the Cinzano and Martini&Rossi (which is what’s in the glasses) Do you have a preference on gins as well?

  2. I think You'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between one Dry Gin and another in a Negroni. Unless you start getting into the gins with lots of botanicals.

  3. A navy strength (57%) Hayman's gin will stand out in a Negroni though

  4. I’d say ditch the biga and look into a poolish instead. Vito Iacopelli on YouTube is super easy to follow and his pizzas always come out looking great.

  5. Since you are just starting off, I'd go one further... Just make regular dough and let it ferment overnight in the fridge. Once you are more comfortable handling dough, then start experimenting.

  6. But now you have me wondering what salsa would be like with the addition of a shot of Tequila? (still for dipping, not drinking, just to be clear).

  7. For the avoidance of doubt, yes, I meant the amaro (but: 🙄.)

  8. I also came to the conclusion that I'm never going to get my hands on Creme de Violet. I substituted half the amount of Monin violet syrup.

  9. I am anti speeding but apparently these cameras don’t actually have an impact on accidents or speeding or anything really except generating revenue

  10. They don't even generate revenue. They program costs more to run that it collects in fines.

  11. While I don't think that the speed cameras are the proper simple fix to a complex problem, the vandalization just highlights the underlying problem. A certain segment of the population thinks they have the right to speed on residential streets.

  12. On that note what’s the diffeeence between

  13. Interesting... my BiL was talking using his Kamodo to make pizza, don't know if he's going for Neapolitan though.

  14. Probably mostly the flour. Bread flour is great if you want a chewy crust. But for a lighter, Neapolitan style crust, you need something softer.

  15. Or put another way. Americans have an annoying habit of calling pizzas, "pies".

  16. Yes i have but didnt show much different but i will try again. Thanks for the tip with the cleaning cycle

  17. You might want to check the temp of the stone with an IR thermometer. Mine took a long time to get up to oven temperature.

  18. Partially cook the pizza with just the tomato sauce, then add the other toppings and cook until done. That way you can cook the crust for longer without burning the cheese.

  19. I think a stronger flour and more gluten development will help.

  20. This... Pizza Napoletana has a soft light crust. If you want chewy, ditch the pizza flour for strong bread flour.

  21. Side note, 00 only indicates how finely milled and refined the flour is, not its strength (W factor). Here in Italy 00 flour is the general purpose flour, if you want to get a flour suitable for pizzas (usually stronger) you have to look for it (and it might as well be a 00 flour).

  22. There are lots of factors involved. I have good results with Caputo 00 using only 62% hydration and an overnight fermentation (i.e. traditional Neapolitan).

  23. "TORONTO CITY" s/b "City of Toronto"; "radar" ticket; mixed up date format; wackadoodle URL.

  24. nope, it was nice cheap lidl hot pepperoni on there. didn't realise there was a rule on this sub about toppings though :)

  25. I don't think it's a rule, but probably should be. American spiced hotdog meat (aka pepperoni) isn't even Italian, let alone Neapolitan.

  26. im sorry for upsetting you with my not avpn approved toppings :(

  27. I think that the Galbani is ok mozzarella but too wet for pizza. There are others that aren't so wet. (but brand names escape me at the moment).

  28. That should be the first rule of this sub. Don't use the word "pie" unless you actually baked something that wasn't a pizza.

  29. Italians found it easier to differentiate a whole pizza from a slice of pizza by referring to a whole pizza as a “pie” (due to the similarities in shape and crust) and a slice as a “slice of pizza”. The term “pie” or “pizza pie” was popularized by Dean Martin's 1953 song Amore.

  30. I heard a slightly different story. The early Italian immigrants translated "pizza" into "tomato pie".

  31. I looked at turning peels on Amazon. A lot of the cheap ones seemed to be a bit short and of questionable quality. The one you linked to, at 9" is a bit too big for me. I ended up getting the Ooni - it works well.

  32. Yeah... I wouldn't skimp on an IR thermometer. The cheap ones tend to be a bit flaky, especially at higher temperatures. I use a Thermoworks IR which has a nice narrow "beam" and the laser draws a circle showing the reading area.

  33. Did this one time and it backfired… got tiny tiny tiny hot debris coming to my face. Nothing damaging but it was a good warning. I don’t recommend it.

  34. I probably should have stated the obvious: eyes closed and before you light the fire.

  35. I take a deep breath and blow.... Probably not the best way, but it shifts some of the semolina to the edges.

  36. If you don't want to crush your own tomatoes (or canned tomatoes) you can use passata. Look for San Marzano passata. Add salt and basil, do not cook.

  37. Make sure you watch his moves closely, then try to replicate them. Not as easy as he makes it look, but worth practicing.

  38. If it's your first, don't use poolish. It's really annoying to handle for a beginner. Just use the ooni app, put the dough ball weight on 280grams, hydration on 60% and salt on 3 %.

  39. This... And Vito uses 5 Stagioni flour which has a high W rating, meaning it can take high hydration and long fermentation. Not all 00 flours are the same.

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