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[Infante] A legitimate concern NFL teams have with Kentucky QB Will Levis is his “deathly fear” of milk. I’ve been told he screams in terror at even the sight of milk, let alone the taste. “It impedes his daily tasks,” source said. “I’m worried how he’ll fit in an NFL program.”

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  1. Yeah if youve got mythic or even legendary i wouldnt swap personally.

  2. I had Tarnos at one copy but 4 furniture. Still worth.

  3. I avoid talking about the show in the book subs. Not going anywhere positive with those discussions (I do love chatting about the books there though). I'm just glad this sub exists to more safely discuss the show.

  4. Book subs go to hell like clockwork the moment their dream comes true and a show is created because it will never live up to the loud folks' expectations.

  5. Great they're doing something, but the intersection BEFORE it is the bigger problem. Visibility is worse, drivers on both streets think they're the ones who don't have to stop, and accidents happen there all the time.

  6. I have a Vortex Tab 90M for my home setup which I love. I am creating an EDC setup for working out of a wework and my current build is much too big and bulky for the setup I want to create.

  7. Thank you for that list! I do think I'm going to go with a K2 Pro. I want to be conscious of those around me so I may try out Wuque WS Silent Tactiles with the board.

  8. 304E44 Wukong (horrible, I know) for either Athalia, Zaph or C&R

  9. I used to have him at that investment but used my engraving reset on him just to compare. I'm continuing to progress with him just fine at e0

  10. Shame on you for spreading hate. Then again you must be a miserable person looking for faults in others or system to justify to your life. So sad....peace be with you 🙏.

  11. Nice of you to take a break from spamming Vermont and skiing subs to defend the 114, lol.

  12. This post was reported for misinformation. Usually I would respond to such a report like the NYPD does for most 311 reports, but I’m a bit confused since it’s possible the reporter didn’t realize the title was sarcasm.

  13. You're working in an all male inviroment with alpha males at that. Toughen up sorry to say

  14. Good thing he was elected as pastor of NYC and not mayor.

  15. Even still, users are about 10-20% different between GA4 and UA

  16. Does that have anything to do with recent UA reduction?

  17. It all depends, like people have been saying. Anecdotally, here's my levels of investment in those two heroes:

  18. They can be, but I’ll tell you that the worst bathroom I was ever in was not a subway station.

  19. The worst gas stations in America are all gas station bathrooms. Especially the ones where you enter from outside and not inside the station.

  20. I'm pretty sure Boston streets were designed by throwing a bunch of dry spaghetti in the air, then using its landing position as a precise specification of layout.

  21. You should try using her. She absolutely rocks through campaign stages. I've been dabbling with her in ch48 (and 47 too iirc). Swap her into Alna comps, or wherever Scarlet is. Also, anytime you have a charm comp where the 5th slot is something like Daimon, put her there instead.

  22. How do you quantify "overall usage"? ETA: I found your comment. Upvoted it so it would be the top comment. Still, your definitions aren't conducive to tiers.

  23. Not necessarily employment status. He wants to know if Elon violated a contract Twitter had with Halli.

  24. And you haven't even included the disability discrimination going on here. Or that the CEO of a company disclosed confidential medical information with millions of people.

  25. Thank you so much for these, they’re always so helpful for me! Also, I know it’s a lot of effort, but thank you so much for dropping it early. I know the reasoning behind the late releases, but I haven’t been awake for the last few when they drop, so this early release is super helpful!

  26. Well, now you know it needs a metal stop-bar to prevent it swinging the bottom towards you.

  27. If I try to fold it I'd have a tortilla-sized slice of pizza.

  28. NPR leans left about as much as the Wall Street Journal leans right.

  29. Robin Hobb. Love the stories and the prose is beautiful. But the stories are soul crushing. Definitely can't deal with that on the average day.

  30. Man her characters. I'm 6 books in so I've learned to trust her character arcs, but damn if they aren't still difficult to make it through in the moment.

  31. Does that mean you also find the Great Commission inconceivable? If the presence of nonreligious people is hard to believe why would Jesus exhort us to share the gospel with anyone?

  32. Wonder if any team has tried fielding a line of glasses of milk against him.

  33. I took a job scheduling residential HVAC technicians for a mid-sized company after a few years of working in the field. A few months in, the company ended its residential program to focus on commercial.

  34. I jealous-hate you just a little bit for having such a stress-free job.

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