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  1. Parry Peter or whatever the NPC in front of Renalla is called had to be cheesed with an elevator death. Guy could parry all my attacks and then kill me with one riposte.

  2. I got the giant ball bearing out front to smash this guy. Would've done the elevator, but didn't know what was ahead!

  3. Gin is disgusting, unless you enjoy drinking Christmas trees. Here's my upvote.

  4. It's bad enough we have so many assholes throwing destination weddings, but now a destination funeral?

  5. Gotta disagree here. If a bell pepper touches another food, it is now ruined, only tasting like bell pepper.

  6. Second hand rage is killing all of us. People, mind your business.

  7. YWBTA if you don't set boundaries, to yourself and your family.

  8. Most, if not every cultural cuisine comes from the poor masses. They use all the parts of an animal the rich threw away, or didn't use. Chitlins in the south of the USA, Mexican sesos or menudo, Scottish haggis, etc., etc.

  9. You come off like your grief is "better" than his. It's not a competition. He seems to be trying to help you with your grief, while you dismiss his.

  10. Lol. You are a spoiled rich kid. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  11. How do you think this "advice" will be received? This is your best friend. Consider that saying something may do the opposite of what you'd like.

  12. You're backwards and judgemental, trying to loose your moral code on your adult daughter but NTA. Your house, your rules.

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