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  1. How and why do people started calling him Bhaai . Does he copy Salman khan's title ?

  2. Super funny dude 😂 Do you also believe that RaPo is a good actor like everyone else here?

  3. By that logic… chicken biryani bagokapote hotel ni antava… chicken poultry ni antava?

  4. గుడ్డు! I’ll blame the కోడి గుడ్డు. Nuvvu nee guddulo logicu..

  5. Mari lekapote Cadbury lo purugu Enti… pu*# lo logic aa

  6. Normally I’d use the search button and look for posts already in this sub to know people’s thoughts rather than these zero effort posts! Maybe it’s just me, thoughts?

  7. Graph made with players who played atleast half of the mins

  8. I’m able to watch only previews (first 5mins) for free though.

  9. ”No parent should have to watch their own child die.” - Murph to Cooper

  10. I wish somebody would look at me the way Messi looked at the world cup.

  11. And touch (fondle) me the way Messi touches the world cup.

  12. wait how exactly do you do it? aa website edo 90s intro to wordart website laga undi

  13. Was it behind the scenes or actually a movie scene?

  14. Sorry bhiya for everyone eh but lot of artists out there can learn a lot from this video on how vfx can be used efficiently.

  15. (🌕) Leo is waiting for Barça to transform its words to facts and make the offer. Messi is in no hurry to decide his future and in the next 8-10 weeks Barça have to find the solutions to make an offer to him. @tjuanmarti 🇪🇸

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