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  1. I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one

  2. Right, like I don’t agree with the JW, but what kind of Karen is OP to think JW can’t sit in a public park and talk to people.

  3. All great information in this post! Now how do you inform and distribute to the people that need to hear it most?

  4. Inform and distribute but you question a church talking to people in a park?

  5. For another upward view, the night sky from the east mountains is something completely different from in town. It helps keep life in perspective.

  6. Stars seem extra bright on the other side of the mountain

  7. I agree. Definitely not the same as it used to be. Not worth the wait anymore. Same with bob's burgers in my fatty opinion

  8. Very clearly the Albuquerque Red Hawks, almost made famous by Troy Bolton before he picked UC Berkeley.

  9. A signal of all the blues they be smoking in AZ

  10. My Ortho is out of state (we moved here last year) and the wire just came out from a couple brackets. I have an appointment with my regular Ortho next month but I'm willing to pay for an urgent office visit to have it reinserted. Any advice? Thanks

  11. I believe comfort dental can help you. They have offices around the city

  12. Damn dude’s Latino so his mom must be a maid?

  13. That's what OP is insinuating. What a racist dick

  14. The only thing you hook up is your dildo to the suction cup

  15. Serious question folks…Zuck after say, a year of training VS. any version of CM Punk?

  16. I've been a United States Marine. I sir have you beat

  17. Moronic? Your cancel culture will never kill football and it will always be here. Suck it

  18. Maybe I have know idea. And a few minutes later I seen these girls walk by and they were wearing dresses, heals and some hair accessories I thought maybe it was a 80s theme party?

  19. Sounds like a birthday celebration, Quinceañera

  20. How about letting people bid first on houses for sale instead of letting corporations pay cash and buying up all the properties then charging high prices to rent them out.

  21. You mean treating housing as a place to live rather than an investment? What about the poor precious shareholders?!? They're the ones who would really be hurt in this malevolent socialist scheme.

  22. He stood up for Tyson, what am I missing?

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