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  1. I'm surprised they need special papers to return to the country of their citizenship.

  2. what is wrong with the GQP? Queer culture and history is part of American culture and history, and understanding events like Stonewall are important for understanding the narrative of American development of removing social hierarchies and prejudices through the process of law, activism, and jurisprudence. Openly queer teachers, students, and administrators are part of the school system already, pretending they aren't is what lets harassment and bullying and social ostracism happen, and kids deserve a quality education no matter how they're wired or what community they live in. I get that Christian fascists want to legislate their personal value system on communities and enforce it with the stick of law, but silencing students and staff and refusing to let them be who their authentic selves are is just pure abuse and marginalization.

  3. "I don't remember," Corsentino said. "Our memories must be different, because I don't remember that conversation happening."

  4. If I was a store owner there, I would not serve any of those council members and tell them it's because of their homosexual behavior. If they tell me they aren't gay and are married etc, I will say I don't believe them and will pray for them.

  5. Are you a store owner there? Are you a store owner anywhere?

  6. A 12 year old smarter than the GQP anitvaxxer parent? It's more likely than you think.

  7. The court is stacked after McConnell and TFG did everything they could to stack it, including allowing two people who committed perjury during their confirmation hearings to be seated. So be as outraged as you want, it's not going to change what's coming.

  8. On the day his approval ratings hit an all time low, Doug Ford, who has been hiding in his mouse hole for weeks, calls the gullible media to come follow him pretend to help people dig out the snow with a tiny shovel, give maskless rides to strangers

  9. He called the media as a distraction to him being on live air while via video conferencing as he was driving.


  11. Good. Now convince Tuberville to cross lines and support voting rights. Surely two Alabama football coaches must be friends.

  12. "This is Texas. We're not just gonna, like, send you a voter registration. Where do you think you are, the United States of America?"

  13. My gf is doing an internship. 9 interns at the company. As a condition for coming back to work they had to be tested. 6 tested positive, 1 more tested positive later during the week. That makes it 7 out of 9.

  14. Someone isn't getting any cash from TFG to help pay for his lawyers. LOL!

  15. If they re-enlist they get to keep it though, right? Unless they are a part of a commando unit I guess.

  16. Great, so we need to find whomever did this, and they can be put on trial for attempted assassination of the vice president.

  17. It's amazing to be wrong and make the wrong decisions for literally 99% of what you do over your years in office, but Dougie here is consistent.

  18. He's not going to show up anywhere where unfiltered questions could be asked. He's always been a coward

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