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  1. Deamon X Machina was a really fun game, I really liked that game. I had tons of differents Arsenals: A full artilary military mech, a samurai with beam swords, SPEEEED, a balanced one and many more....

  2. Christ in heaven but I'd love a 'Nightmare of Justice' or whatever the fuck they need to do to bring her back

  3. Isso que dá passar o feriado em Varginha, tu sai falando outra língua.

  4. Nah, I think it's more these two. He even has little horns

  5. I still laugh at that scene in Kabuto. That Make-up battle is pure gold.

  6. I exit Blazblue so I could escape the Saya Lorehole, and now I come to Gundam just to find a new girl that has been cloned to oblivion.....

  7. Now this is art! Pure Kokūjin energy. Beautyfull!!

  8. You haven't seen the ending to Zeta Gundam, have you? It can always be WORSE.

  9. Just like Blade...... the goddamn bench strikes again.

  10. I miss BBradio everday.... Hope they announce a new game so they can make more of those.

  11. I think it's either Justice or Aba....... but I'm not sure.

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