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  1. It’s your choice, and no one else’s. If formula makes you less stressed, then it makes you a better mother to your baby. The benefits of a happy, calm mama far outweigh any benefits from breastmilk over formula.

  2. Omg, I'm sorry you're getting safety comments. That's not what you need right now.

  3. 👏👏👏Came here to say something similar. No wonder so many moms have anxiety- we’re taught to be afraid of everything!! I strongly believe that a reasonable, smart person knows what risks are worth taking, and I think leaving the baby on a bed for a few minutes when you’re about to lose it is the safer choice.

  4. I’m sorry. It’s so hard, I know. The Happy Sleeper method worked for us at 7mo but the book recommends ST at 4mo (we would have had we discovered the book earlier!) Two weeks early should be fine, especially if the alternative is suffering. Read the first part of the book and follow the directions to a tee. It will be hard as hell for 3 days tops. But it is so worth it.

  5. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I have done something similar to my husband and although I regret it, I do see how he pushed me to react in that way (and I see it in your situation too). I agree that the worst part of behaving badly like this is how it overshadows your partner’s actions, which were wrong too. He needs to understand and respect your boundaries but now the conversation becomes about your bad behavior. Been there. It sucks.

  6. Just a couple days, surprisingly. I was extra worried because I breast-fed my son five years ago. I was afraid my boobs would remember lol. I leaked a bit 5-6 days postpartum and i was slightly sore but that was the worst of it. Back to normal by day 7-8.

  7. Seconding yards grille for outdoor dining. Arad Evans is great. Craftsman in Fayetteville is not super fine dining but the place is beautiful.

  8. This was my story too. I tried so hard to BF my son (now 5yo) when it clearly wasn’t working for either of us. I felt like such a failure that I couldn’t do the most basic thing to care for my child. But once I switched to EFF, he was a new baby. So happy and chill. My second was born last month and we’ve been on formula from the start. It’s been amazing. No guilt!

  9. I did this for 6 months with my first. Just don’t replace the water in formula with breastmilk. Follow the directions for the formula (ie 1 scoop formula for 2 oz water) and THEN add the breastmilk.

  10. My 3week old daughter was one of two mature eggs retrieved last fall. There’s hope!

  11. Ours went from pooping 2-3 times a day to pooping after almost every feeding. After a month or so that slowed down and he’s back to 2-3 times a day (15w now). He seems more comfortable on powder too, a little less fussing (though that might be because he’s pooping more regularly?)

  12. That's good to hear! My ultimate plan is to slowly transition from the Gentlease powder to the Target brand gentle powder, assuming this first switch goes well. It's hard to justify paying so much more for Enfamil brand.

  13. I didn't notice any difference switching from the RTF to the powder. Same stinky gas and poops. 🙂

  14. Omg we call them "toxic farts" in our house. How can such a tiny human produce such stink?

  15. Casey Wilson’s narration is hilarious but the story was kinda… eh? Just a lot of stupid influencer drama and nothing really gets resolved. It was entertaining enough though.

  16. Preach. I’m nearly one month into EFF my second baby and my mental health is 500x better than it was at this point with my first, who i attempted to EBF (eventually moved to exclusively pumping, which was horrible in every way). Formula is amazing.

  17. It might be worth practicing with some false lashes if you're open to it. I'm someone who would never ever wear lashes in real life, but I wore half strips for my wedding and they were beautiful in the photos. They always say you have to exaggerate your look a bit for the camera.

  18. I hated and was terrible at BF my first so I made the decision to EFF my second, who was born 8/3. So far it has been amazing. My mental health is sooooo much better than it was during the postpartum period with my son. My husband is able to help 50/50. We’re all getting more sleep. My daughter is meeting all her weight milestones and i’m not constantly worried about how much milk she’s getting. I actually enjoy feeding time instead of dreading it. I’m so glad I made this choice.

  19. I have DOR and my husband has low sperm count. In our second IVF cycle, they collected only two eggs. Both fertilized and two embryos were transferred fresh on day 3. One of them was my now-3 week old daughter.

  20. If it makes you feel any better, my clinic mailed the printed results of my husband’s semen analysis to the wrong address. We’re still paranoid that one of our neighbors knows that his swimmers suck.

  21. I have a weird story about a pineapple. I was in the TWW after a fresh transfer this fall when my 5YO son came home from the grocery store with my husband with a fresh pineapple. Weird. But even weirder, he refused to let us cut it up for him to eat. He made it his friend, named “Piney,” and insisted that Piney sleep with him (i convinced him to put it on the nightstand vs in his actual bed). But he and Piney were pretty inseparable during this time. Obviously my son (and my husband) had no idea that a pineapple was symbolic in IVF circles, and my son had not been attached to a piece of fruit before or since. A few days after we met Piney, i got my positive test after 2 years of infertility, a failed IVF and a failed IUI. Our baby girl was born August 3. We did not name her Piney. 😂🍍

  22. Why does she keep referring to “her levels” pre-IVF? Levels of what? Does she not know?

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