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  1. aww be nice to pigs, they are awesome mud doggos, cops fuckin suck though

  2. why “mud doggo”?? they’re animals in their own right not wholesome 100 pupper doggos! they’re giant and terrifying creatures and very cool for it!

  3. All animals are some type of doggo. Seals and sea lions are sea doggos, cows are grass doggos, bears are forest doggos, horses are long doggos, and pigs are mud doggos

  4. this is such an odd manner of speech. i mean if you enjoy

  5. Yeah I agree. In the USSR the anti democratic nature and the behind closed doors nature allowed for small groups/individuals to spread their hate over a much much larger amount of people than they otherwise would've. As well as superstition/religion I think the state, and non democratic decision making are some of the key ways delusional ideas and hate spread. Obviously, religious freedom and freedom in general are necessary for the opposite. Trofim Lysenko a "scientist" from the USSR responsible for millions of deaths due to terrible out right idiotic farming practices, like planting wheet too close together because he believed through solidarity they'd grow better, is a good example of this idiocy despite the actual farmers and the actual agricultural scientists knowing his ideas weren't valid, through force and dogma he instated them

  6. I understand Lysenkoism and what haooened because of it, but you need to recognize that since Muslim scuentists were studying astronomy and math, religion and rationality have been intertwined. Religion doesn’t inherently cause irrationality is my point.

  7. You don't find the strict belief in a magical skydaddy that'll burn you for a literal impossible to comprend amount of time leads to irrationality?? Also, the fact that religious humans came up with algebra means that religion has no link at all to irrationality?

  8. In another comment, I explained to you, (a self-proclaimed converted Jew) that Judaism doesn’t believe in “sky daddy” and hell, and expressed confusion that a converted Jew (who should be very well versed in Judaism, a religion that takes a lot of effort for conversion) wouldn’t know the basics of the religion. Can you explain that for a second?

  9. Isekai does in fact endorse colonialism, particularly cultural imperialism. The protagonist is often presented as morally superior to the lawless locals, and even if he does objectively bad things it’s because “this world is like that” or some excuse. Like he’s been reduced to a savage from living among these less civilized people.

  10. While the canceling power may seem strong, it’s important to remember that the twitter clan only really has power within their own territory. For most people, if you stay away from their land, they can’t do anything to you. Unlike the forchan clan, they don’t usually meaningfully coordinate outside their claimed area.

  11. The Tumblr clan is dead? Yeah, let’s go with that.

  12. 40% is only the reported amount. Think of how much more goes on that isn’t reported because their partners are too afraid or have been silenced.

  13. you still get to see it, if it's a land also. Back in the day, Jackal Pup was considered a good card, and now goblin guide just blows it out of the water.

  14. Creatures got better and mana got worse.

  15. No way lol!!!! I'm voting lightning bolt or goyf

  16. you have to admit that ragavan is a better card than goyf

  17. suggestion: “my brother in christ” sounds weird af and kinda condescending i suggest not using it because it makes your point better

  18. Or perhaps it was not actually ment to be serious, and i joke used a phrase that people say because i thought it would be funny.

  19. possibly but i think there are funnier

  20. There is one archetype missing here: Janklord

  21. Jonnys want to play well and win janklords don't care about winning. Some don't even realize there is a winner.

  22. yeah i feel like this is a fun self-appointed title that fits into the jenny category

  23. wtf im getting envy from a god damn yassified emoji

  24. i have never seen “gender envy” for someone who wasn’t a skinny white drawing

  25. The bot checker doesn't know what the correct squares are, only what it looks like when a bot tries to pass it

  26. and apparently it’s always the person with firefox and a vpn for some reason

  27. Oh, I'm not actually a crypto bro. I mined Doge in 2014 because back then, it was a toy crypto system. I wanted to see what the fuss was about, decided it was bullshit, then forgot about it.

  28. Narset shouldn't exist OP, none of the planeswalkers should.

  29. I think planeswalkers add value and new dimensions to the game and old things are not necessarily better.

  30. he did it to give credit to hamilton, atop perelman posting without mentioning hamilton

  31. i don't think these are the same guy

  32. also if the blue and cards are equal

  33. Does this fizzle to [[Flusterstorm]]?

  34. I've always said we need a card that's just 'ancestral remembrance'

  35. In paper there is minor conveniences such as ice fang coatl and bluffing an ice fang coatl.

  36. Legacy DnT plays a split to raise a few percentage points on [[Predict]].

  37. The only other good cascade deck in the format of course, Rhinos!

  38. glimpse and calibrated blast players seething

  39. awesome, thanks so much again for making these!

  40. you need to not have this person in your life wtf

  41. I knoww but I'm afraid I couldn't break it off because we're in the same school and be in the same class next year.

  42. even if it makes it awkward, prolonging it will be even worse. this isn’t healthy for either of you, and seeing each other in the same class is something that happens but I promise you can get through it.

  43. Sometimes, people write really long and weird comments on Reddit for whatever reason. Sonetimes they might be schizophrenic and have difficulty managing psychosis, and sonetimes they have too much time on their hands. It doesn’t cause too much harm so I just tend to ignore them.

  44. There are places to ask this. This sub isn’t one.

  45. hey btw the xrossposted sub is super tankie

  46. If I computed it correctly, you should expect about 2.5 chimps on average.

  47. This is literally the St.Petersburg paradox.

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