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  1. Test like a good scientist.

  2. It's an advantage many people wish they had.

  3. Don't forget the 2 stupid Bush wars.

  4. Could be when I was younger, and I'd call it an almost manic state, but I'd be wiped out tired after, and I stopped "losing" myself to it long ago.

  5. This regret is perfectly normal.

  6. Republicans are understandably upset that their huge lie he's responsible for gas prices and inflation looks to be backfiring on them.

  7. My comment on this same claim from you 16 hours ago;

  8. DeAnus focuses on hate, division, vicious lies, and insane conspiracy theories to fire up the moron base ahead of his attempt to become Trump II.

  9. China is saber-rattling, and that's all.

  10. With MTG being Trump's vice-president, Boebert can be Surgeon General.

  11. Elections have consequences.

  12. No shit. China needs semi conductors, and won't cut off that pipeline AND go to war with their biggest trading partner over Taiwan.

  13. Yep, China's military is first a political organization, not professional soldiers.

  14. He's an angry little man with shit for brains.

  15. What DeAnus is doing is called propaganda.

  16. Flaming far right vicious liars, haters and conspiracy theorists rewriting history.

  17. The old evil GOP vs the new evil GOP.

  18. Sensationalist click-bait for far right morons = NyPost

  19. Well that just proves Arizona is full of idiots.

  20. Everything is perfect in narcissist la-la land.

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