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  1. I miss Aguero. He made his own goals. That guy could score from anywhere , any angle.

  2. Titans can be watched only on netflix and that too after whole season is out in US. That doesn't help DC shows much considering a lot of population across can not watch it legally and thus less viewers.

  3. Crazy when you put it like that. 6-7 players is worth the same as a 150 year old club, a stadium, fan base, history etc etc.

  4. What about when Ron made Hermione angry in the first part and she was crying in the bathroom and after the fight with the troll, Dumbledore arrived?

  5. We will regret not winning UCL with our best squad ever in 2021 for a looooong time

  6. Don't think van dijk or Bellingham should be there. Van dijk has been shit for six months now.

  7. Gini and Harry are not made for each other and it's terrible pairing - bad in books, worst in movies.

  8. what type of freelancing pays 1000/day, I wish I made that much! would love to hear more about what you do!

  9. Expereienced IT/Business consultants with niche skills can make 1000/day in contracting. I know people who were making even 1500-2000.

  10. As a city fan, I am happy Chelsea bought mudryk. We can see Chelsea destroying themselves and Arsenal not getting the player they want.

  11. Who cares it’s a cartoon 😐 Peter can assault Connie while unconscious and it’s never brought up

  12. In germany , if you do a training to develop yourself in a year, you can tax benefit on that amount .

  13. Terminology is irrelevant. I used phrase moonlighting to compare the struggles of white collar worker that OP is passionate about to struggles of blue collar worker

  14. For me, contractors (including maids) should have the possibility to pay a part of their salaries in social fund via which they can be paid if they are out of the job. That's what happens in countries that have such social policy.

  15. Again you are going deep in the issue when we don't have consensus on the surface. You talk about maids putting portion of their salaries in some fund when they don't even have PF for retirement. They don't have insurance for workplace injury or death either.

  16. Yes, but as a contractor, you'd not have a job guarantee, but if there exists such fund, you could get paid by the government (considering you added some fund before) while you look for a new job after one is done with pregnancy.

  17. Some of the packs I couldn't find in the spreadsheet so did not include them in the calculation below.

  18. And that matters because? He can be an absolutely terrible person, and still this statement would be true

  19. A corrupt person's opinion may be seen slightly differently. Don't you think ?

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