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  1. My period came back at 4.5 weeks pp after my first baby and lasted 14 long days. After my second it didn’t come back for 9 weeks and was only 3 days. Exclusively formula feeding both.

  2. That was very anticlimactic and I hope they’re only like 19 lol

  3. You should be purchasing any needed items. If she gets something herself that she wants that’s one thing but she isn’t responsible for furnishing a mini nursery/playroom over there. I also have to say I hope you got her something other than a car seat base for your child for her Christmas

  4. Grandma is loaded (and we are not) and buys anything she wants for herself, and this is her first grandchild and she is over the moon to watch him as much as is humanly possible (we did not ask her to be a part of our childcare plans, she said she wants to do it). But thanks for everyone’s judgment of a situation they know nothing about. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  5. If she were watching a dog or cat would you expect her to purchase their food and bed because she’s loaded?

  6. In the shortage most have been using it since it’s been so hard to find for actual formula users. Other than actually using it you can return it and it will be thrown away which is also why people shouldn’t buy formula they don’t know if they’ll need or baby will tolerate.

  7. If that isn’t a no/little contact reason idk what is

  8. Brushing your teeth is always good but you could have got those cavities anyways because pregnancy sucks the nutrients from your teeth. I went to the dentist more in my first pregnancy from gum and teeth pain than i have since I graduated highschool.

  9. I saw your comment in that post and your advice was go to the police.

  10. Girls don’t need to be used as learning tools for boys behavior. The girl is also young and doesn’t deserve to open her phone to a dick pic. We need to stop accepting that all our daughters will eventually face some level of sexual assault in their life

  11. No they don't deserve it. And the parents should respond to the behavior and discipline the child proportionally. If they don't care, then you go to the police. I would be distraught if I had a boy and his life was ruined over a stupid picture he sent as a child. Remember, both the boy and the daughter are still children. He may have acted criminally, and anyone is within their rights to go to the police, but personally I would prefer a more measured response to the offence and give him a chance to learn before I ruin his life with criminal charges.

  12. As a woman who was assaulted at 13 by an adult and then at 14 by a 18 year old I’m very aware of real life and my daughter and son wont have rose colored glasses. But knowing all that I know and how the world is I’m not going to continue giving the same response/reactions we as parents have for years because it clearly isn’t working and the girls/woman are the ones who continue to deal with the consequences. And I’m not saying go to the police right away in this specific situation either btw

  13. Im sorry this happened to your daughter OP.

  14. In texas it’s illegal to send unsolicited nudes adult to adult and can result in a fine or jail time. Why on earth would it be okay for a kid to send a dick pic to another kid unsolicited just because they’re the same age? Child porn is child porn wether the maker is willingly or unwilling. “That’s not really police worthy” mentality is why so many people think they can get away with making girls/woman uncomfortable and violated.

  15. I have 2 under 2 (well just changed to one over 2 on Friday) and I’m bawling.

  16. You will start getting them after adding to the profile. I never got them for my august 2020 baby even though I had a profile but after adding my December 2021 baby and needing to switch to enfmail because of the recall then shortage I got 3 $30 ones I can’t used because the similac he can use is still MIA😒

  17. I follow a ped on insta and she recommends liquid for adults because it’s actually faster acting if you’re in really bad pain or fever. As someone who took the Tylenol one because I ran out of the pills during my last pregnancy I will say it taste disgusting lol

  18. I don’t think he was a great husband but he’s funny idc

  19. My step sister and I are 11 days apart and she’s an entire loony toon so my money is on there being some hidden issue with one of the teens that she won’t come out right and say

  20. Insanity that they can practice legally

  21. Baby cannot use sun screen until 6 mo

  22. I know everyone’s different but as someone’s who had a planned and then unplanned pregnancy I would not gaf if someone asked me. In fact I was pretty vocal that being pregnant at 8 mo pp was a huge surprise lol.

  23. As a hot natured person I’m just confused how he’s so mad at a simple fan to begin with tbh lol

  24. Some women hate seeing newer generation dads do any baby care because they think everyone should suffer as much as they did. Bitter Betty’s. Next time I’d ask her why it upsets her so much that her son is actually taking an active role in parenting a child he created

  25. Hardcore lactavists are lunatics and I’ll die on that hill

  26. I'm a bitch so I like to piss them off by telling them that whatever radiation they've accumulated throughout their lifetime and during the day will be passed onto their baby through their breastmilk. Sounds like tin foil theory but it is technically true lol. And I made one hardcore woman get rid of microwave and wifi from their home. I miss her.

  27. Lmao stahhhppp. I’m going to say this the next time the asshole on my friends list wants to be a dick about formula or shares Candace Owen conspiracy theories about pediatricians

  28. It’s not even that my 8 month old fights me it’s that he wants to kick his legs and climb on me while I hold him and of course if I put him down to crawl/climb safely he loses his mind. But he’s been an “opinionated” baby since birth compared to our 2 year old

  29. My girl turned 2 yesterday and she got one of those step 2 rollercoasters, different dress up for dramatic play, radio flyer toddler scooter, soccer goal/ball, we got her her “big” gift which was a swing set to last my 2 under 2 a few years lol. I’m trying to think what else but those were the main gifts. I made a target and amazon suggestion list to try and minimize the random “filler” toys the grandparents will buy to try and out gift the other one so she got some good big toys that will last longer

  30. You could always get a glass pitcher with measurements and then get a little mixer. We have one that fits right into a bottle so we don’t have to shake it

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