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  1. this is incredible thank you! flying has been rly hard on my neck lately and i got cussed out a bit for “traveling with a neck injury” when a lady’s toddler kept shaking my chair and banging my neck

  2. Id change to a later flight. You have to immigrate, wait for your bags, travel between terminals, check in, drop bags, go through security again. I’ve missed connecting flights on the same ticket with the same window due to bag delays etc. I wouldn’t chance it

  3. for me it’s because i have cranio cervical instability (CCI) like some other commenters have mentioned

  4. Makita, Milwaukee, Hitachi/HiKoki/Metabo HPT, Hilti, Glock, HK, Walther, CZ, Beretta, FNH, IWI, Arsenal, Yamaha, Toyota, Honda, Diablo, Werner, Casio, Seiko, Klein, SEBO, Miele, Lindhaus, Numatic, Fiskars, Corona Tools, Mora Kniv, Shun, Wusthof, Tojiro, BCM, Daniel Defense, Miyabi, Surefire, Magpul, Vortex, Aimpoint, Trijicon, Steyr, Speed Queen, Spyderco, Echo, Stihl, Kubota, PB Swiss, Wera, Wiha, Leupold, Vessel, Sennheiser, Audiotechnica, KAI, Victorinox, Isuzu, Hino, Knipex, Zojirushi, Stanley, Schiit, Beyerdynamic, Howa, Freud, Tikka and Benchmade to name a few

  5. My sennheisers broke within weeks of using, no external damage or trauma. Def not BIFL

  6. Not every product that a company the size of Sennheiser makes is going to be BIFL. Nor do lemons get to represent the whole of a product line. There would be no such thing as BIFL at that point. Maybe one day I’ll write up a summary of each and the true BIFL options each company offers. In the case of Sennheiser the best example of a BIFL product from them would be the HD600, 650, 660S, 58x, and 6xx. Each of these can be disassembled down to their individual L and R drivers without the use of any tools, are exceptionally well built, and Sennheiser will sell any part in the entire headphone individually or together. You could actually buy every part separately and build your own using just your hands. It’s pretty incredible when you think about it. One downside of that would be the drivers wouldn’t be as well matched as a factory complete set.

  7. Yep. Every time a post in this subreddit makes it to the front page all I can think is god, I am so fucking sick and tired of being poor. I don't even have enough money to decorate an apartment nicely, let alone own a house. So why do I even look? All it does is make me sad and frustrated.

  8. I try to tell myself that under all the despair, there’s still some hope, and definitely some joy, in accessing whatever avenues I have to beauty.

  9. Ah I see. Sometimes it would be nice if it the final presentations were on finals week to have more time if needed to prepare but it makes sense.

  10. if you’re presenting to ppl it can’t be during finals week there’s no class

  11. This is insane to me on the east coast. You’d have a castle for that price.

  12. AFO? Have you tried sketchers? I have wide, almost flat feet that make shoes hard to fit since i was little. I think my feet have gotten wider with age. My cowboy boots don't fit anymore, grrr. They have the most options of any store I've ever seen. Plus like the Vans, don't they make Toms?

  13. My wife and I live on campus in Grad Housing and I am the student, the process to get approval for a comfort dog for her disability is such a PITA that it is just easier NOT to deal with OSD and hope nothing comes of it.

  14. By keeping the numbers of registered accommodations down, perhaps resources are not seen as necessary to improve student experience. Cheaper for UCSD?

  15. i don’t know why you’re being downvoted. i think that’s part of the reason why

  16. my neighbor called the campus police on me for having an unauthorized dog. i even got my paperwork to osd they just never sent on the accommodation to hdh. i got a first-notice eviction notice!! i had to make osd fix it.

  17. He’s only caged when nobody is home because if not, he’ll destroy everything. Granted he’s less than one year old, he’ll eventually learn and mellow out. Most of the time we’ll come home on lunch and spend an hour with him out of the cage

  18. I mean he managed to destroy something even in his crate! Sorry people are being snippy with you

  19. Always leave the cage covered at night, and part in day. Dogs like to hide and feel safe. It quiets them down if covered

  20. this. my dog lovessss her crate especially now that it’s covered

  21. I forget who said this (might have been Rian Johnson), but it went something like, "Writing sucks. Having written, though, is awesome." Congrats!

  22. I'm confused... If it was "near zero visibility" then how was he supposed to drive?

  23. It's very unlikely there were any Uber drivers available during a blizzard. As a non-driver, OP apparently doesn't appreciate how dangerous it is to drive in those conditions.

  24. agreed.. both parties are asshole

  25. Seriously, I wasn't going to have my spouse go with me to get my IUD in because, in the words of the nurse, "you will totally be able to drive home afterward!" I changed my mind the day of, and he came with me. Unfortunately, there was an emergency with another patient, so the procedure had to be done in a room the size of a closet, and my husband had to wait in the hall. The last thing I remember was being in immense pain, my vision fading, and shouting "please get my husband!" I woke up a little while later to him putting a cold compress on my face while the nurse checked my vitals. I absolutely would not have been okay to drive home.

  26. My insertions weren’t terrible. But the pain after insertion was the worst thing; the copper IUD had me bleeding and in excruciating pain for months after. I gave in after a year and took it out. The hormonal seemed better — until it moved. I had been moody and the gynecologist noticed it was at an angle and said to get it removed. We did it on the spot, but she made me sign a document saying I understood they wouldn’t give me any anesthesia. I thought, no big deal, the last removal felt like relief more than anything.

  27. If you have leverage renegotiate rights, or an percentage ownership for yourself.

  28. Stop assuming. You don’t know that they would ignore a bike lane.

  29. every time i run into driver discourse on reddit i wanna run away from the us

  30. The horse and buggies have a reason to be in the road. These guys are just joyriding.

  31. a bike doesn’t have a reason? lol. do you police every car too and why they’re out??

  32. Glad it made you think. As for other ways to help, having a grabby claw helps so you don't have to bend over, wedge pillows could be a great investment (look em up), pain patches. That way you can target specific pains without needing pain killers, bracings. I wear ankle and knee braces when I feel I need them. I also need to get an elbow brace.there is like an inflatable neck cushion like thing you can get for when you need to relax and stretch your neck a little, a roller for your back, compression gloves and socks help a lot for me, and even drinking tea and taken benadryl helps with both sleep and preventing migraines. Maybe these things can help with things.

  33. for dishes, i bought arthritis gloves, and i wear them under rubber dish gloves. ive only done it a few times but it minimizes subluxations for me, or at least improves my sense of what my joints are up to. i’ve ordered one of this stick scrubs with a soap dispenser in it to make it even easier.

  34. I feel like I could have written this. Same age, same heartache. All I can add is I see you, believe you and hope you get more support. Soon.

  35. That’s an extreme version (the second they get back to the car?) This is in response to someone saying they watch TV in their car…! Parking spots like this exist for people going to businesses and doctors and whatnot. It’s really courtesy to give up your spot if you don’t need it, the parking lot is full, and someone else does.

  36. Honestly if you're looking for a driver I'm looking for side money. I'll drive you for 15-20 dollars where ever you want to go.

  37. People are mentioning cancelling via PayPal or your card provider- they would not do that for me, and eventually the only way I managed to escape the never ending charges (and I paid easily $200+ for a subscription I legitimately never used ONCE) was to cancel the card they were attached to.

  38. You messed up when ordering it though. They clearly state two prices, one Anual (lower price, monthly pay, but you agree to keep it for a yer) and one Monthly, where you can cancel anytime you want without fees.

  39. I did the monthly (student) and they stil are making me pay to cancel

  40. My wustof 8 inch chef knife is about 12 years old and not even a nick in the blade. Used it in 3 seperate kitchens over those 12 years, 6 days a week.

  41. same w my Wustof 8”. looks brand new and i sharpen it every now and then with a block.

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