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  1. Best thing i’ve seen all day.

  2. That is a big fat zero from me

  3. Furminator and a 70 dollar slicker brush.

  4. We purchased a Furminator last week. Now it seems we have more fur around the house than ever. I thought it would be the opposite 🤷

  5. I gotta sweep it up when you use the furminator :)

  6. Lol. We have been using outside. Every morning fur bombs everywhere.

  7. Does it go through the sound bar? Might be a case of other devices not recognizing the turn on so it goes back to bed. I sometimes (very little) have this when plugged into my soundbar. Sound bar doesn’t initiate so PS turns off again.

  8. Please take a photo when you drop it off and also one of the receipt. There have been a number of people on this sub who returned equipment to Canada Post following instructions who ended up getting invoiced for the equipment by Telus, as they had no record of it being returned. I returned mine to Post shop and had no issues.

  9. How about just do your freaking job and don’t complain.

  10. Because it’s a one way cable. Your going the wrong way unfortunately

  11. Totally fine. Mine is on a slightly smaller shelf and going strong for 2 years. Don’t listen to all the people who say no. What would they know if they haven’t tried.

  12. There is nothing cinematic about a portrait framed shot

  13. You should be able to show the footage here as it could have been a lot more sinister and people should know who they are. Rules in place for a reason but should be bent for a public flogging in this case.

  14. You have some serious issues dude…

  15. I hate any and all remotes that have dedicated buttons for streaming.

  16. thats the best part about the remote.

  17. Sounds like cat lady from The Simpsons

  18. Hi, if I keep data roaming off, but receive text messages and calls in US, will I be charged for roaming?

  19. Yes. As soon as that first call or text happens, roaming activates. It’s brutal but what I know, all carriers do it.

  20. How are you still alive after that one?

  21. start by cleaning rest of house and not just console?

  22. Looks cool but drop the light strip on front of entertainment unit. That thing is ugly

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