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  1. You guys ever see the Blooper, the Braves mascot do this? He’s a menace. He trolled the Astros reporter one time and it was hilarious.

  2. “The Blooper.” You must be a Blooper expert.

  3. When I'm watching a Hawks game i count the seconds until lauren appears on my screen

  4. This sounds like something that would be on the TV in the background on Nepoleon Dynamite

  5. My conspiracy theory is that gif man is blooper

  6. I'm unironically too short to be Blooper.

  7. I think he might have me muted. He's literally never interacted with me a single time on Twitter.

  8. I got a sneak preview of this meme last night and did my own interpretation.

  9. This is bot that steals lower-upvoted comments and posts them as replies to the top comment.

  10. I shall place it on the mantle next to my idiot of the year award.

  11. Handlit33 - how in the hell do you catch all of this footage and catorgorize it? Do you just have folders upon folders upon folders? I'm blown away by the content you randomly pull up every few days.

  12. You can do some really incredible searches on baseball savant.

  13. Funny how the Phillies didn’t have a problem hitting him in the playoffs

  14. It's not funny or a mystery at all if you had any fucking clue what you're talking about.

  15. I can deal with so much of this outfit, but those shoes are killing me.

  16. I'm pretty sure those are Gucci Crocs lol

  17. Piggybacking off your top comment to post an update:

  18. I'm just going to enjoy the short time we have left with him.

  19. I resubmitted because the original looked like I was simply asking a question. This article is simiilar to Constant_Gardner11's offseason post from a last month:

  20. Trust the man's 100D Chess. He's only recorded the biggest loss of money ever and spent $44 billion between his and his investors money over a $420.69 joke

  21. I don't see a lot of coverage on it, but nearly every video I've tried watching on Twitter that's older than a few months no longer works. He also recently locked his account to test if private tweets get more exposure than public ones.

  22. There are more expensive drugs then coke, a bottle of codeine could run you 1000–1500$, Xanax can also be like 100+$ per too.

  23. No, I don't use Twitter. Thanks for asking. You're welcome to share the image if you like.

  24. Baseball must be getting close; I got a Reddit Cares message this morning.


  26. As someone who was the recipient of a ridiculous amount of shit talk by Tennessee fans after our destruction by OU, I'm just here to congratulate Florida and their fans.

  27. I don't have the words to accurately describe how much I love Ozzie Albies. Back in 2021, he used to search his name a lot on Twitter, and he'd like just about every GIF I posted of him. It always made me smile seeing it.

  28. Does anyone have a list of Braves playing in the WBC? I'm going to all of the USA games, and while none are on that team it's be great to see if any others are playing in Phoenix.

  29. It looks like Marcell Ozuna is the only one playing from the Braves.

  30. I like to ignore the fact that we're still two months away from opening day by focusing on the fact that pitchers and catchers report in two weeks.

  31. This is such an awesome photo from the video.

  32. Idk if I’d call it a gender “barrier”. If there is a girl out there who can rake? Somebody wants her.

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