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  1. I accidentally pushed the restraints too low on Voyage. That combined with the hill left bruises that lasted almost 2 weeks

  2. I got Builder’s Journey during the epic games giveaway last year and loved it

  3. Not a ride, but with the improving tech I’m surprised a drone show hasn’t made its way to animal kingdom!

  4. I see more and more stuff with drones at IAAPA every year. I remember when they tested drones at Springs and it was meh, but this new stuff is incredible! I just don’t know about noise/lights bothering the animals or safety over water if it happened in the old Rivers of Light lake

  5. I love that show but in the original text they ride a wooden coaster but die in a loop and that’s just not a thing at a traveling carnival

  6. So the Wicked Witch of the West didnt scare you

  7. Nah I was a nerdy kid who read “imagineering making more magic real” like crazy. I was just excited she was so high tech

  8. He got turned into the host for the stitch pre show I think? Or at least his endoskeleton did

  9. Uuuuhhhhh. Not sure to be honest. Is that a .h? Here is a link to what I was able to do with it for my senior design:

  10. Thank you! I’m making a backpack with LED lights triggered by an IR sensor so I’m using fastled.h and irremote.h

  11. Yeee of course! It should definitely work for what youre looking for then. Youre just going to have to import the libraries I believe. And for your sensor trigger, if its just a binary 0/1 use a switch :)

  12. It’s a remote control with 12 buttons. I can get it to consistently read and trigger an effect, but the effect pattern doesn’t loop like I want it too, and it has to run all the way through before I can push another button to change the effect. I basically want to push a button and have an effect play until I push another button which will interrupt it.

  13. Oh my god I need it for my mother. She collects the location based Starbucks mugs, our kitchen is stuffed with them. Hope they still have it after break!

  14. I don’t even know if it’s touring anymore, but I saw a production of War Horse when I was in middle school with the most astounding puppetry and lighting design and now I’m studying theatre tech haha

  15. if you install bottles via flatpak, it should pull in anything else it may need.

  16. I installed bottles through the steam deck discover thing. Do I need to reinstall it from a GitHub/website through flatpack or is this something I can fix from within what I have?

  17. discover on the deck installs programs as flatpaks.

  18. Just typing that in konsole should show it? I’m sorry about all the questions, I’m very new to linux

  19. I love AJs it’s one of my favorite places to get onion rings and it’s open late

  20. Stardust by Neil Gaiman is great, and even got turned into a movie that I love just as much.

  21. I work at Elliot Hall of Music, our work is based on the boss emailing us “I need a hand at this day and this time”. If you can help, You reply. It’s not a consistent method of income but I love it, the experience I’ve gotten is great. I’ve gotten to work shows, concerts, and football/basketball games!

  22. It’s hard to say what it might be. Could be a tiny piece of plastic from the shell is stuck near the trigger. Could be spring related

  23. I might remove the back then post a photo of it for assistance, I don’t want to unplug anything without confirmation

  24. Just be careful when removing the back. In case something falls free and hits the floor. Then phases into a new realm of existence lol

  25. I can do it on my workbench carefully. Thank you so much!

  26. I wouldn't be surprised if Grovyle was considered more popular than his evolution at this point. Good choices though.

  27. I’ve literally completed whole games without evolving Grovyle to Sceptile!

  28. Good luck trying to see the Jedi room, it’s been 4 years and I still haven’t made it up there haha. I’d say check out the libraries if you can! Hicks and HSSE are right next to each other.

  29. If you are set on sewing them in place, then Lumen Couture has a YouTube channel teaching how to do so.

  30. Hot glue was definitely my first idea, but the very first LED is at a funky angle in the bag I’m not sure how to attract with hot glue without badly burning myself or the bag

  31. With the lights on and moving, no one will see stitches or other attachments. I would try sewing very small lobster clasps to the backpack and using the clasps to hold the lights in place until you need to remove them for washing the bag or changing the lights:

  32. My only concern with lobster clamps is that they will dangle. The lights need to be placed at specific spots where I’ve made holes in the bag to shine through. I’ll look and see if I can find smaller points

  33. That might work if I rename Firefox.Exe? I’m not on a parent account that I’m aware of. How do I figure that one out?

  34. Can you confirm, at least, that the computer belongs to you and doesn't have some kind of parental controls on it?

  35. It does belong to me. I can’t think of a time that it would have added parental controls, but is there a way to check and confirm? I am the only account on it

  36. Oh I didn't even think about Hersheypark. That's one of the closer parks than the others we've been mentioning.

  37. As a former worker at Hersheypark, I love it but it is a VERY hilly place.

  38. You all do not UNDERSTAND how EXCITED I am that Oswald is the mascot I am literally so happy I love him so much

  39. Thank you so much!!! We discussed possibly taking a day for Universal as well. What rides are limiting when you are there? He is very similar in size!

  40. Universal is a bit more size restrictive due to their 100% containment policy, but every ride where that may be a concern has a test seat located near the attraction but a little out of the way.

  41. Baklava Plus is really a hidden gem at Purdue. It’s fairly new, and I never see it busy. I get my guava concentrate there and I never fail to leave without a pastry of some kind!

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