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Man caught vandalizing Ash Cave State Park in Ohio

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  1. I think this is Kerb Crawler? Looks like his art but his accounts always get removed off IG so a little harder for me to dig lol

  2. Could be something older or a quick sketch. I'm not aware of very many artists that dabble in these subjects lmao

  3. Still doesn't look like him. Though I've seen some bdsm-porn that have a similar style to this.

  4. 5 inches is 12.7 cm. Not very big either. More on the average side.

  5. I'm stealing this. Thank you.

  6. For good reasons! Every one will swear their dog is the best dog and would never hurt a fly... But someone's dog is the one who bites a kid. Then you have to prove they have a rabies vaccination, or else a five year old kid gets 5 large needles in their stomach (or whatever it is. I know rabies shots for humans is horrific but don't remember the exact details)

  7. Controllable, yes. Short, nor necessarly. I just use a 3 meter long leash and rein my dog in as needed.

  8. Absolut inte! Jag började med sånt när jag var tretton och det var det bästa jag gjort.

  9. Well, with Christopher Lee we've already had grandpa metal, I'm sure there is some grandma metal out there somewhere.

  10. Hollywood Vampires feel like they would qualify for grandpa metal.

  11. Efter alla år, nu snart 44, inser jag att Kalle Ankas mössa har samma färg som ett blåbär. Snacka om att se skogen utan att se träden.

  12. Eller så är det för att "blåbär" är slang för nybörjare.

  13. YTA. They're not full on having sex in public are they? Is it sill and cringy, sure, but no-one is actually being hurt here. You just choose to be offended over nothing, basically. Let your dad live his life for fucks sake.

  14. Är det Sean Banan som skrivit texten?

  15. Han har våldtagit en person jag känner. Mer än så kan jag inte säga.

  16. Why am I not surprised at the 88 in the name

  17. They also have 14 letters in their username. 14 88, Next leadership... Yeah....

  18. It’s not facist to say the new Swedes, aka muslim immigrants aren’t as tolerant as native Swedes. It’s a fact and like many European countries with multi mono cultures, there’s clashes after a couple of generations. Sweden has had some major issues recently with the immigrant populations rioting against liberal attitudes. Recent riots were sparked by plans by a right wing politician to burn the Quran. Free speech exists and needs to be protected and his point seems to have been proven.

  19. I know what happened with that Danish fuck. Did you also know that some people protested peacefully against his fascist bullshit? However, this has nothing to do with the matter at hand.

  20. I’m sure some people will have protested peacefully but enough didn’t for the riots to become international news - the videos are insane.

  21. Musli är typ step-mom som fastnar i torktumlare porr medans det andra ska mena på att det är orientaliskt.

  22. Fuck vilka priser! Nu ska jag börja räkna på ifall det är värt att åka till Finland och panta Newman/Kramer style :D

  23. Fast det är väl inte samma system? Dvs. en svensk pantburk lär inte funka i Finland.

  24. A girl will enter into a friend group, consisting mainly of males. She will then proceed to hop around the group (on their weiners, sexually)

  25. Yeah, the reply you commented on was mansplaining the definition of "mansplaining" to the person who defined "mansplaining" the first time, hence the pretty clearly humorous condescension in their reply.

  26. This was posted like two days ago. OP are you ripping other redditors content for karma farming?

  27. Are other places toilets dry or what keeps them from getting shit stuck on them.

  28. I shit, and I occasionally get shit on. Not in a kinky way, either 🙃

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