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  1. Nice dish of capitalism with a dash of generational wealth. Goes down smoothly.

  2. We live in Bangkok and share this apartment between 4 people. It’s $500 each per month, arguably less than what most folks would pay in a major city in the US.

  3. Hi! I was looking for a Thai tutor in Bangkok and stumbled upon your comments here. Could you please send me your tutor's contact details as well? Much appreciated!

  4. Firstly, what made you think they were Russians? There are at least 10 countries that can speak Russian language.(was it even the Russian language at all?)

  5. An alien stealing a box of goodies from a lady’s flower attic

  6. My grandma from Borisoglebsk. It’s Voronezh region. We have relatives in Voronezh as well. Would be happy to help anyhow.

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