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  1. Actually it's quite an upgrade in terms of performance and stability because of the brand new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 AP.

  2. Huh really ? That's the first time I hear that to be honest 😂

  3. The new AP is much more powerful and power-efficient at the same time compared to the APs used in the S22, S21 and Fold/Flip 3 series, so both the battery life (compared to the previous Flip) and performance get quite upgraded this time.

  4. Lots of people in the EU (Norway, Netherlands) getting their stuff early. Been seeing posts of Z Fold4/Flip4 and Galaxy Watch5 in the wild.

  5. What the title says (Battery life increases up to 4 hours due to increased battery capacity, AP/Display Optimization)

  6. Nothing much. They are about fast charging and health tracking.

  7. The charging speed is allegedly still capped at 25W, the same as every Fold since the 1st Gen. It’s not a huge deal to me, but it’d be nice to finally include faster charging for those who want it.

  8. Flip 4 is going to support 25W, and Fold 4 seems to increase the range where it gets 25W fully so that the overall charging time is reduced.(

  9. We’ll see on the storage, a 1TB version was rumored a couple months ago, but people have leaked the color SKU’s with corresponding storage and there’s only been 256/512GB. I’d love to be wrong there, 1TB is an instant buy for me.

  10. The existence of the 1TB version of Fold 4 and 512GB version of Flip 4 is confirmed. You can see them listed in the official Korean cellphone model DB and the prices are already leaked in Korea as well.

  11. Hey man sorry I didn't get your comment . 22H2 is when exactly? Just lost my buds live after a year and a half and loved them .

  12. 22H2 means the second half of 2022, so July 2022 ~ Dec 2022. Sorry for the late reply.

  13. What I've heard are from some renowned tipsters in Korea, so I think they are kinda reliable, but the thing is that there are no new updated rumors or leaks about the Buds Live 2 these days. My guess is that the new Buds Live might come in early 2023 as well along with the S23 series.

  14. Samsung said it was $278 in 1Q22 and the blended ASP (smartphones & tablets) in 4Q21 was $253

  15. This worked well for me for a while, but today I got a big nag screen with "Please Update Avira. Your current version is no longer supported. Blah blah blah, upgrade now or in 30 days."

  16. Same for me. I did not find any way out of this.

  17. Yeah that happened to me as well. Maybe blocking the outgoing internet connection from some components of Avira might do the trick but it can have some unexpected side effects as well. I think we have no chance now. I just switched to Microsoft Defender after encountering that message from Avira.

  18. S23 will have Snapdragons manufactured by TSMC and the UFS Storage will be upgraded to the newer 4.0 version. It is also rumored that S23 will get bigger batteries without additional weight as well due to the technology adopted from electric car batteries.

  19. I really hope I can get it with the Galaxy S20 FE (5G). I really want to test that Braille display support!

  20. Android 13 will be the last major software update to the S20 (FE) series, so you will get it presumably next year.

  21. Apple was fined in Italy in 2020 regarding water-resistency as well (

  22. It's a shame that decent customer service has to be provided for free by random people but you're doing a great service OP. I'm gonna tuck this installer away somewhere safe because I get the feeling it won't be around forever, buried or otherwise.

  23. Hopefully it'll finally be enough to beat TSMC 7nm

  24. Most likely gimmicky megapixel race - note that the pixel size (560nm) is less than red wavelength (650nm).

  25. Samsung is focused on gimmicky number things instead of actual quality.

  26. Unless you're into heavy mobile gaming, the SD778+ is an awesome chip for the majority of people.

  27. Is the design and "gimmicks" enough to sell this??

  28. I think so. This one seems to have the 'coolness' which only iPhones have these days.

  29. iPhones aren't cool at all. They're literally the most boring phones out there.

  30. I respect your opinion, but I guess the majority of people (esp. Americans) don't really think so.

  31., which is ran by Korea Association for ICT Promotion, is a website originally for managing information about lost cellphones in Korea, but it has a hidden search service for model numbers of the cell phones released (and about to be released) in Korea as well.

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