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  1. "dang" because we're in 7th grade and there's a teacher in the room.

  2. Dang because BF lives in Utah. “Oh my heck” — the kingdom of God, it’s a pressure machine/ Every step gotta keep it clean.

  3. Do you sell these so we can buy one if we don't win?

  4. It's fucking Deuxmoi. Of course it has zero merit.

  5. The white/red retro 80s t-shirt for this tour was the only bit of merch that looked remotely appealing to me this time around.

  6. Yeah, but it doesn't even make sense. What's the connection between an '80s ringer shirt and ITM or PM?

  7. I wouldn't be surprised if this was an actual Killers shirt design, even though the message wouldn't make sense if it was.

  8. Weird how this condemnation thread of Chevy somehow turned into a defense of Colbert.

  9. He has also become super corporate and pandering to super woke audiences. His old show was cutting-edge and tongue-in-cheek. His new show is, like you said, bland and predictable.

  10. She was acting inappropriate... making a fuss. Brandon said, 'sorry... don't bring that here'

  11. My vote for greatest update joke, and maybe one of the best jokes of all time: ‘Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts are getting a divorce and people close to the couple say the reason is because he’s Lyle Lovett and she’s Julia Roberts.’

  12. Same joke as the Christie Brinkley / Billy Joel one.

  13. Isn't this based on that sketch with Kristen Stewart?

  14. Let me ask a question that has not been asked aswell. Was jenny a friend of mine?

  15. I watched an interview with Shane Gillis recently, and he had a lot of grace regarding what happened with SNL. Basically acknowledged that there were consequences to his actions, while also not making pretenses of being magically reformed and different.

  16. It's almost as if his fans are a lot worse than he is.

  17. That $500 buys you so much more than "yes, and..." It buys you a clear conscious.

  18. At the end of the SF show last month, he thanked the crowd for giving him the best job in the world. No speech though.

  19. That looks to be a standard baseball nylon varsity jacket. If it was real leather and had the Killers merchandise markup on top of it, it would cost $1,000.00.

  20. No. No. I do not like that. I'm calling your mother.

  21. "For Reasons Unknown". As much feel-good positivity as it has brought via fan interactions onstage, I kind of hate that in my mind, I now just think of it as "that fan drummer song" with the guitar interlude that lasts anywhere between 1-4 minutes while they're trying to set someone up onstage. And either the fan is amazing, or they're absolutely terrible. Either way, the magic has worn off for me at this point. The trick has turned stale.

  22. Next time, I'm going to bring a giant sign that says, "BRANDON, I SUCK AT DRUMS, BUT LET ME PLAY ANYWAY"

  23. I took it as "I never meant for this to happen" or "I never meant for things to turn out like this"

  24. I always thought it meant “I never” expected this could / would happen.

  25. I am actually really glad to see the world becoming more accepting of drugs as a whole as it can certainly be part of a healthy, responsible adult lifestyle. That could range from purely therapeutic usage of drugs or recreationally.

  26. The idea that most people can't use drugs without becoming addicted isn't true and there is plenty of recent research that shows that the vast majority of people who use illicit drugs do so without developing addictive or problematic behaviors; mind you, this includes cannabis, so that could skew the statistic but it's still a majority.

  27. The one about women writers.

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