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  1. This has to be the greatest Tomb Raider cosplay

  2. Well Netflix had a good run. If they enact of this batshit crazy ideas, it’ll be lights out for them.

  3. The stereotypes on autism are getting annoying. Can you people just stop?

  4. We’ve become accustomed now to reducing everyone down to their illnesses. But only if they’re mental illnesses. No one says “Diabetic woman does X, can you believe it?”

  5. Ah, the notorious bull-bear. Trapping optimists in its bull traps.

  6. If your self esteem is low don’t do it. If you don’t care for others opinions then go for it

  7. Which is ironic because the low self-esteem people would benefit a lot more from being roasted than those that don’t care at all. Those are the very people that need to develop thick skin.

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