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  1. This is why I tell all my girl friends: never ever date an ugly man, he will waste your time and take you down with him. But more importantly: never date a broke fugly who won’t even pay the bills. He proposed to lock her down fast and secure his bag because he KNOWS she could do 100000x better than him. It’s so sad to watch young women fall for the trap.

  2. Wtf is this post. Are people so naïve that they can’t see past an edit?

  3. Yeah like I said they they were on good ground initially. The simp thing was over a month ago. Maybe it's editing, maybe it's her seeming lacklustre on the interactions I've noticed recently

  4. Andrew and Ekin I’d move to Chaotic Neutral

  5. I kind of agree but idk Timmy should have warned her somehow

  6. He did actually. I rewatched and he said he wanted to get to know Bria.

  7. Listen i understand why everyone voted for Ekin and Davide. They have had the most fights and it’s already been proven it’s a volatile relationship. That’s why we love them, though it does make them probably the least compatible (actually that’s Lemma but anyway). Mind you i’m ekinde’s ardent supporter

  8. You didn’t need to say the last sentence. The rest of your comment made it obvious.

  9. Idk better safe than sorry there’s ekinde people downvoting anything slightly critical of them and i wanted to make it clear i wasn’t being critical

  10. Same as Luca backing his 'best friend' Dami whilst Dami did the opposite.

  11. Amen. I like Tandrew too, but this sun is obsessed with hating Luca

  12. Same, Nas was good as gold and still got chucked out at the earliest opportunity because of Casa. Imagine if he'd behaved like half the s8 boys?!

  13. The rules are different for brown and black men, I'm sad to say. Look at the repercussions Dami suffered as opposed to Andrew, or Jacques.

  14. There are a few reasons I’m loving the Bria and Zeta situation:

  15. It started off with a bang, but you’re absolutely right. Every single person in that finale last year was a huge wtf (except for maybe Kyra and Will since they were coupled up so early on).

  16. I will forever be annoyed that Olivia won over Trina or even Kyra and Will. At least they were a real couple.

  17. Olivia winning was a joke and if I was a producer Idc about integrity, I’d never have let that happen.

  18. It was the producers that forced the win. After she came back from Casa alone I would have dumped her.

  19. Bria and Chazz are doing what bombshells are supposed to do: cause chaos. I don’t understand why some fans are upset about it. Tyler, Mady and Val were all fails, but the siblings are living upto the expectations so far.

  20. I want to defend Val here for a second. She wouldn't have been a fail if it weren't for Jesse's flip flop character (male version of Sydney imo).

  21. Naaaa. Depp was the one texting his assistant to leave a coil of giant dokie in their bedroom so Amber would step in it and blame the dog. If there is anyone who was planning to pull this stupid prank, it was Junkie Johnny.

  22. Didnt johnny try to poop on his star on the hollywood walk of fame thing… seems like he’d be the type to find poop pranks funny

  23. He also texted his assistant that they should defecate in Amber’s house as a prank and blame the dog.

  24. If the eliminate her, I hope she sues. It looks like she broke her finger in the wwe challenge.

  25. He's growing on me but I miss Matthew.

  26. Well during the first couple of episodes. My brain got tricked to thinking I was watching the UK version.

  27. i wonder if she knows about ekin su and will maybe emulate some of the same vibes she had. I feel like ekin will be a blueprint that some islanders will try to follow in the future.

  28. The original blueprint for moving mad was Jess in season 1, who won. The next person to put on those boots was Megan / Laura season 4 UK, then the ultimate Maura in season 5 UK.

  29. I love Andy. He's shaken up the dynamic so the men now know it's okay not to "play it safe"

  30. Agreed. I like to get people's opinions behind the edit.

  31. I don’t want it to sound like I’m coming for you but what is it that Tasha does that shows she’s used to being the center of attention and acts that way? The way you phrased that is a little odd because it sounds like she’s attention seeking with a negative connotation. Tasha being born deaf, she lives a life where people kind of have to make accommodations for her because of her disability the same way we as a society make accommodations for everyone with any kind of disability.

  32. It was the tittygate episode that made me think that. It was a little campaigny, the "I've been the realest person in this whole fucking process", was a little odd given she was meant to be upset about Andrew being physical with Coco.

  33. I prefer the ‘so why did you choose to follow Charles Manson’ analogy - saying that, his followers did come up with some more valid points than on here

  34. Oh fuck she does speak to him like a child lmfaoo I knew something was off but I couldn’t put my finger on it. No one else speaks to him like that

  35. To hear some of the stans tell it, he must not understand any of the conversations he has with other people.

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