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  1. Laugh about it. Not everything obviously but you can’t let every little thing get you down, it’s a hard thing especially at the beginning, but you can’t let it become your personality, don’t let it define you. <3

  2. I got extensions on all my exams/assignments in uni without any like pushback, I’m on the disabled list at my uni so they can just look it up.. so that’s nice lol. Sometimes it wasn’t even for a seizure but I got one cause hey epilepsy lol You can easily get out of things you don’t wanna do sometimes. Except have seizures, can’t get outta that one easily lmao. (P.s i don’t think it’s tone deaf, it’s nice to look for the benefits in this Shit show, I’ve had it for 12 years and at a certain point you gots to look for the upside hehe)

  3. I have focal aware seizures and I've had earthquake seizures a couple of times. For me it lasts a couple of minutes. I've had train track vibrations too. Brains are weird

  4. Woah I totally relate to this! I have focals, I've never had a grand mal and I've woken up a few times in my life thinking I felt an earthquake but nothing was happening. I think it's just something that happens sometimes, I don't think it's necessarily an epilepsy thing... I hope! I think our bodies just do funky things sometimes when we're coming out of sleep.

  5. Yeah hopefully haha it’s always like Oop- when people are like no there wasn’t an earthquake

  6. Just curious if they really have that big of a fan base to host a fan meeting. Haven't seen anything they are in or know much about them.

  7. Porsch is in Together with me and a main character in Together with me the next chapter. And they were a couple in Ai Long Nhai. But they have a YT channel together so I think they must get most of their following from that

  8. Oh OK. I watched together with me years Ago and I don't remember him. Do you remember which character he played

  9. Yeah he’s not really relevant in together with me but in season 2 he was the doctor that was with the young dude. Bit of an age gap couple thing, his characters name was Bright.

  10. I think she might be พัชริดา พลายแก้ว (น้ำตาล)

  11. Omg yayyyyyy!!!!! Thankyou so much!! I found her in the credits but it just kept taking me too Davikah lol. THANNKYOUUUU!!!!!!!

  12. Now you need to keep browsing the net and create an entry for her on MDL!

  13. Ya man I feel ya, shower seizures for me are the absolute worst, sounds funny and sometimes can look back and think haha wild… but it’s such a humiliating feeling like.. ugh it’s the worst place for me. Have had a few broken locks at my house in the past lol, mum and dad had to get locks dad could knock down if necessary. But yeah any time I drop a shampoo bottle or something I’m like fuck fuck fuck please don’t break the door down……. But ye shower seizures always make you wanna disappear, but not forever bro, trust me :) hopefully ya feeling a bit better now anyway, always rant it out, helps for me haha

  14. This happened to me today as I was working, walking a bunch of kids back from school, I literally looked like that with all the kids around me 😂

  15. Is it possible to use a curtain or blinds to block the lights? If you cannot fix it today, maybe go to the other apartment in person another day and explain the situation to them. If this issue continues I would suggest investing in some blackout curtains or blinds you can use to cover the strobe lights from your view. Otherwise, I would try to contact the apartment again. I hope you find a solution!

  16. I would definitely use curtains. It sucks but there are flashing lights everywhere and that argument may be presented back to you. If my husband was photosensitive we would install those pull down black out curtains on all windows so that if fire trucks, neighbors, plow trucks, etc. park or whatever with flashing lights we can control the view. This is an issue you will probably always deal with and unfortunately you can not expect that people will accommodate you so make your own accommodations.

  17. Yeah so I’ve had epilepsy for over 10 years now, I do anticipate strobe lights, this isn’t an issue I’ll probably have to deal with, it’s an issue I deal with on a daily basis, just not directly into my kitchen at 9pm when I can’t do anything about it.. I’m renting so I can’t install anything. I’m going to talk to them and if they’re not chill it’s fine I’m moving out soon so will think of a solution.. I’m not gonna start a fight if they don’t turn them to a different setting, it’s just the best solution to start with.

  18. I’m thinking about putting a few on my Etsy actually! This specific raikantopeni is for audiences 13+ (the numbers are the smaller script on the right side)

  19. Hmm well the issue with your question is shipping is ridiculous right now. Yet there are some really neat figures in that price range none the less. You have a few options to ship one too you. Theres ami ami.

  20. Thanks so much! Lots of helpful info here. Yes, I played the happy birthday song for her last year haha!

  21. Nah pop up parade is the brand of the figures. They are just called that 🤭

  22. Oh haha, well we are going to a pop up shop in December 😂 but yes that helps hahaha

  23. I remember the moment so clearly, I was 8 just eating my morning tea at school and all of a sudden my head went back and was so aggressive that I put my hand in my mouth to pull my head forward which didn’t really work, dislocated my jaw a couple times with those ones though😅 I was confused and all my friends asked why I did that, I told them I couldn’t control it and we laughed it off. I forgot about it but later that night before bed I remembered and told my parents, my dad said it was a “muscle spasm” and will probably never happen again. Boy was he wrong 😂 took a while to figure out the sun was my main trigger 🌞 4 years to get a diagnosis though.. haha. Ha. 😑

  24. Yeah nah cause I’m from NZ 😭 and don’t tell me to just put Aussie, I ain’t doing it bro. Surely chuck oceania in there next time 🤙

  25. Where did you find the movie to watch ? Been searching everywhere for it.

  26. Oh yeah I searched for ages for it, finally found it on a site called… It’s weirdly hard to find since it came out a while ago

  27. You'll love it omg 😩😩😩😍 but don't forget to watch the movie too

  28. I feel like it was more of a one sided friendship if that makes sense? Like Lhong was clearly more dedicated to their friendship and put in more effort, but I don’t consider it a bad thing from Tharn, like if Lhong stopped putting in the effort and Tharn got mad, then yeah that’s shitty, otherwise Tharn doesn’t really have an obligation to put in equal effort. Like with any relationship, platonic or romantic, it’s up to each person to decide how much to put in and whether they’re getting that back or it’s worth it.

  29. There's a date on the latest preview trailer. I think it says November 18th. My heart sunk. I have to wait sooo long for the next series. Sigh.

  30. I know it’s had me on edge for ages, I guess we can hold out for a few more months 😤😅

  31. It’s in November according to the wabisabi grow up 2022 live on the 20th. Dear Doctor airs in March, then SantaEarth drama in June/-“July, I think the name is Only12percent and then Between Us in November. There’s a forth drama with TorMix early 2023

  32. Sotus and sotus s are classics and would recommend based on your other ones, and I just finished lovely writer after putting it off for ages, it was soooo good!! So would definitely recommend lovely writer!

  33. I once asked immediately to play a game on the Wii, thought I broke heaps of records and was super smug and proud. Turns out I was holding to controller upside down lol

  34. I sent this to my family chat, along with a close up of the guys face, and my mum just said “sucks to be you” 😂 it was a joke and my parents are super supportive lol, but like damn, thanks mum ahahahaha

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