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  1. I certainly agree that police encounters are infinitely more dangerous for poc than for white people. I also agree the whole "I'll make a statement by open carrying for no reason" is a super douche move.

  2. Can you expand on DTI? I'm afraid of looking extremely risky to lenders and increasing rates.

  3. if you cosign that means the debt shows up on your credit report under your name as well. If there's a situation where someone does a credit check on you, for example the property manager of an apartment you're wanting to move into or some jobs do a credit check too. If they see you're making $20,000/year because you're a student but you're on a $2,700/month lambo lease the property manager is going to say "there's no way this guy is going to make rent" or the hiring manager is going to say "it's very likely this guy is going to embezzle funds or something since they can barely afford this car they're leasing"

  4. I was at the Carmax in this same area and they had Maury on in the waiting room. All eyes were fixated. Maruy will save us.

  5. I'd like Maury to announce the winner of the election. "_________, you are not the president!"

  6. Trump takes of his wig and security has to hold back. So he doesn’t fight (currently unknown democratic challenger)

  7. It's weird how each party is held to a totally different standards.

  8. You need to switch over to cash. The budget app gave you amount you're allowed to spend every week I assume? If so, take that much cash out of the ATM at the beginning of the week and that's all you use. Freeze your credit cards in water if you have to to keep you from using them. I think being on cash only works a lot better than saying "I can get 1 coffee a week" or "I can only eat out on Fridays" because you just give yourself a lump of cash and use it how you want but once it's gone you're not spending any more money until next week.

  9. Yea isn't it weird how it's the conservatives that make one's sexuality a topic of debate when a libertarian mindset would say that an adult can make any choice with another consenting adult.

  10. i'd say that's because conservatives care very little about libertarian mindsets aside from paying them a little bit of lip service to get votes.

  11. When modems were still at thing I worked at a largeish manufacturer of luxury electronics. Once in a while the desk phone would ring, when answered it was a modem on the other end. You hung up and the next phone would ring as the demon dialer made its way through the remaining number series. Happy days.

  12. In high school I worked as a telemarketer. The phone company would sell us newly acquired numbers (which were more likely to purchase subscriptions of our products) and we'd feed them into the auto-dialer. Anyways, I get this guy on the phone and he's like "this is a business line please remove my number" and I'm like sure, I'll click the do not call again button (that I don't think actually did anything anyways). He's like I have 100 numbers or something like that, I need you to remove 555-1000 to 555 -1100 and, being a 16 year old who didn't really care about the job or anything, was just like "buddy you got a real bad night ahead of you here" and hung up.

  13. At least put it in a money market or saving account making interest

  14. that is what OP is doing. OP is asking about FDIC insurance on their bank account.

  15. Strongly disagree. Liberal or conservative policies can be tailored to location. Regardless of your political stance and mine I think this is an example of you tailoring that belief around the existing trend. When in reality the split has much more to do with demographics. It just so happens that rural areas are whiter and older than the average and vice versa for cities

  16. Also a lot of correlation instead of causation here. It stands to reason that many of those dependent states like WV, KY, MS have poor employment prospects so they have less overall income and therefore pay less taxes while requiring more government services.

  17. The money was split, yes. From what she's telling me, she got nothing which I doubt. And I'm not sure, he works long hours during the day, and I work third shift on top of now focusing on school full time, so we don't have the best communication.

  18. If nobody else is on your current bank account and you feel it would strain relationships to say no, you could just lie and say you prepaid a bunch of tuition with the money so you no longer have it.

  19. You mean impossible to regulate, right? You can't tell if power is being transferred into a car battery or in to some other static non moving system reliably and any technology to try to do that will just be worked around or cheated by many.

  20. yeah I really see this as the only viable way. I could see either charging per mile between plate renewal or charging everyone based on 15,000 miles/year and then adjudicating it when the title transfers.

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just charged by the mile for road usage, which is what the taxes are sort of supposed to simulate.

  22. I thought that was already happening or in the planning stages in some areas?

  23. You had a hearing test for your license?

  24. yup, every time you renew the license, it's hearing, vision, then get your picture taken

  25. They should also make everyone who has a license get first aid and defensive driving classes.

  26. Where I'm at the defensive driving is part of driver's ed which is required if you're under 18, so there's that at least

  27. I don't think it's "no balls" so much as you'll spend all day going back and forth with the salesman trying to make a deal that by the end doesn't save you more than a few hundred dollars had you spent an hour at carmax.

  28. Just relaying my experiences dude. there's a wide range between no product and less than great product.

  29. And that same community shows up and reaps the benefits - it's not like it's a 'gift', they're all eating the food they brought and sharing the joy of celebration. But that's part of their culture, not something people can just demand.

  30. That's what's crazy to me, is the majority of a cake bakery's income is weddings. It's not like it's a minor side thing they do, it's their bread and butter so they can't be donating it. You wouldn't expect a costume store to donate costumes for your halloween party because that's the only thing they make money on.

  31. The one near me in Dayton, Ohio started advertising CBD pretty heavily just recently. Way to update an old business model!

  32. Haven't seen any seedless watermelons in my country so we basically only have the normal version.

  33. hmm.. How is that so? M2F's take testosterone blockers, so it's not like they can build stronger or more muscle..(?) This is very interesting, and if so, what about F2M's in male-only competitions, are they getting obliterated or are they too stronk thanks to the artificial testosterone intake?

  34. I am not a biologist, scientist, PhD holder, or published researcher but my guess would be the testosterone levels during puberty have a major effect on overall muscle mass regardless of how low the level gets after you transition.

  35. I cannot stand her anymore. She does the same shit all the time and only plays one type of character, all her impressions start to feel the same. She needs to change it up or something.

  36. Agree so much. The only 2 character/impersonations she's done that I thought were funny was Justin Bieber and the alien abduction lady. All the other ones she does have the same faces and mannerisms whether it's Angela Merkel or some no name character she does for one sketch.

  37. But wasn't it Lorne's idea to push Seth to Late Night?

  38. Lorne's also the producer on those shows so he needs to fill those positions as well.

  39. Another thing to point out.... you are looking at the federal budget exclusively. State governments and local governments spend about the same amount of money as the federal government.

  40. I can't be sure but that data seems to include transfers from federal to mass. as expenditures, if so there's some double counting going on where the federal budget includes grants given to states for child healthcare as expenditures and the states consider spending this money as expenditure. Still though, the numbers definitely show there's a lot more spending on social programs than defense, which is definitely how it should be during peace time

  41. Lead remediation. $17-$221 economic return PER DOLLAR SPENT.

  42. That sounds pretty good to me but I'd like to see a source on that. Also I'm assuming there's a ceiling on that, as in there's a finite number of lead contaminated location so you couldn't spend 600B year after year on that because you'd run out of lead to remediate

  43. The article suggests electrifying is the option to control carbon emission. But the electricity produced should also be from renewable resources. In an article I had red about green electric projects of California and it is quite environment friendly, but it is suffering from some limitations.

  44. I think the assumption is that electricity will become pretty green over the next couple decades. California already has a renewable energy mandate of 50% by 2025 & 60% by 2030 with a looser goal of 100% by 2045.

  45. That's what they're trying to do. It sounds like the other rescue works entirely as a foster network (which, to anyone who doesn't know, means that volunteers keep the dogs in their homes until someone adopts them) and doesn't have an actual facility. And it sounds like they're just spectacularly managed because they don't have a website, email address, or phone number, just a PO box and social media accounts, which OP has tried to contact them through.

  46. LAOP should go back to the original shelter and ask them how they contact the rescue because I'm sure they're not just handling sending dogs to them through FB messenger.

  47. there's also the possibility that the account that sent it was hacked and that victim realized it and did the chargeback before the scammer had a chance to ask for the money

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