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  1. LOVE any Spanish jams. Anyone know if any djs on the line up are prone to making Spanish-language remixes?

  2. Damn, I have the opening ceremony passes but I wanted to go ham dancing in the night to this set

  3. Maybe, but now you don't have to worry about a set conflict 👌

  4. Only positive thoughts from now till next Monday 😁

  5. To me it sounded like OP regularly uses the spermicide as contraception? So unless it was a new formula or different brand I don't know why it'd suddenly cause a reaction? Unless it's the first time not using condoms with it?

  6. Yea, didn't use a condom this time ... We were wondering why this never happened before, then realized we always wrapped up along with the gel

  7. What I'm saying is: this is a product that has been rigorously tested. For it to fail in a way that is quite painful and unpleasant for the male, and not the female, when it is to be used against such sensitive mucous membranes, is suspect. This is why I call BS on your story. Sorry if you had a reaction, but I bet it would be much worse for your lady friend.

  8. I just chalk it up to "shit happens". We looked it up online immediately and found out it sometimes does cause penile irritation, and in this case I guess it actually got inside which is what lead to the story.

  9. Sets I’m really excited for are Masteria, €urotrash and One True God!!! Sad there is no Bijou art car tho

  10. I was at a one true god set last month, and I literally could not stop moving, it's like my feet had a mind of their own. If there's no major conflicts, I'll be at his art car set.

  11. For festivals I try to get there at start or at the very latest an hour after start for two reasons, the first being that i wanna catch as much music/activities as possible for the money I spent and second, the lines to get in are super small both at security and to get water, merch, etc. inside the fest.

  12. Generally it’s kind of pointless to try to plan your schedule before the official times are released. There will be conflicts, sets that are too early, sets that are too late, etc. It’s almost better to wait for the schedule, pick one or two artists you must see that night that don’t conflict, then “back in” to the other possible slots of artists you’re interested in.

  13. Ye I agree, I've done a few other big fests, so I understand how it goes, but I like picking apart the lineup to hold my excitement over till fest time 😁 plus now everyone's throwing out their recommendations which means new music to discover

  14. Da tweakez, sound rush, adrenalize, or headhunterz would be a good introductory hardstyle set to see. Sound Rush Is my definite must see since it’ll be their US debut.

  15. Cool, I shall give them a listen, thanks for the suggestions!

  16. LSDream at the midway in SF on April 2nd. Join us getting weird to some wobbly bass!!

  17. I have tickets to see him on the 2nd of April. I’m getting a bit tight on cash but I think I can make it work. It’s worth it? Love his style and music

  18. Holy fuck, yes to this comment right here. I feel this song in my whole body starting with an increase in heart rate the minute it starts. It's probably been my most played song this year so far.

  19. Been listening to a bunch of different stuff lately:

  20. I just found Diary of a poor kid on the same EP a few weeks ago and listen to it almost everyday!

  21. I've always wanted to do this, so anyone in need of a meal, I will match OP's $25 meal cost to someone else. I'm happy I came across this thread today.

  22. Someone did claim this offer. I apologize to anyone else I had/have to say no to. I wish I could get everyone some food :(

  23. Had to scroll way to far to find this lol .. gloves for the win

  24. It's super basic, but I have a pair of black athletic shorts (right above the knee length) which I wear with any XL sized graphic, plain t-shirt or artist merch paired with one of my pashminas with Nike running shoes and a baseball style hat. It's very comfortable and allows me to dance all night without getting too hot and the pash keeps me warm if the temp dips.

  25. I had a short stint on level 1 help desk support, like 3 weeks short. One of the interactions that stuck with me was that I asked the user to unplug the power cord from the back of her computer, then about 10 seconds later I ask her to plug it back in. The question that followed from her was, "where do I plug it into?" I switched career paths shortly after, still in tech but no where near end users.

  26. Just saw him last Tuesday! Incredible! Gotta check out the openers too! TVBOO killed it and it was cool to see some ladies (Canabliss and Veil) kill it and represent the wubz too!

  27. Ooh I'm definitely hype about the openers. Excited for canabliss! How was Mersiv? I just got into him after listening to his new album a couple weeks ago

  28. OP …… Mersiv will blow you away.

  29. Premier is more expensive but its worth every penny ... trust me

  30. I'm going for the first time, could you please elaborate so I can make an informed decision. Thanks in advance 😃

  31. Saw him at thunderdome on Saturday. Fucking blew my mind, definitely one of my favorites now

  32. I'm seeing him this Friday. Your comment has me PUMPED!

  33. Liquid stranger, mersiv and canabliss (and 2 others) at the Warfield in SF on Feb 11th. I was super excited for crush, but LS has been on my list for a while so pretty good backup show

  34. Depends on who's playing. If a favorite artist is playing, I like to be towards the front because I like meeting other fans and dance with them. Otherwise you can catch me gloving and shuffling back n forth between back left and right.

  35. Overall it was fun! But both b2b sets were talking up a storm. I would start getting into it, and then the music would straight up just stop, which happened several times.

  36. I recently got super deep back into Droeloe. Every so often I dive back into everything on their soundcloud and fall in love again. Such great songwriting and so unique and the remixes of their songs that they post are fantastic too

  37. He just announced his NA tour if you're stateside! I feel the same way everytime I listen to his music, no matter how many times I've heard it, still feels like new to me 😃

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