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  1. I have a search setup in Automate for all machines not on the current build we're deploying. If the machine is in that search, then every night at 11pm it will run our deploy script. One of the first things in the script is to check if the user is logged in or not. If not - GO! If they are logged in, exit.

  2. This is good - i think the roadblock here would be the communication with clients. Do you have any issues with the feature updates not working well? Im scared to do 500 (as an example) over night in case a bunch dont take and the computer isnt usable.

  3. As you should be! We started slow, ran it manually here and there.

  4. Ive been editing ours as well - just spending every year doing this - would like to automate more and set proper expectations if we shift to moving this way. Im confident I can get groups/scheduled scripts working. Its just making sure we have the right expectations set.

  5. Alright - change made - Ill test for the next couple days.

  6. Well its better for sure - Its still not as sweet as I want it to be - When I look at the task manager there seems to be two things consistently

  7. We just send automated emails out from BrightGauge to a distro group for client who want it.

  8. Based on what indicator? What is prompting the email?

  9. You could send out the emails with Workflow Rules. You use the ticket templates to create your tickets with specific types and subtypes, and then you trigger the workflow rule based on those types and subtypes. That is how I usually send out automated emails to customers.

  10. Oh man! this might be the answer - I'll run down this road for sure. Appreciate you giving your thoughts.

  11. Yes just trade backs so my gravaler and maxhoke will evolve please and thank you

  12. In the room waiting! Trade backs are good!

  13. I’m in Michigan and need a masuda ditto can anyone help me?

  14. Good luck. Even those of us that preordered at Walmart didn't get one.

  15. I was able to walk into my local Meijer and get one. They had at least 4 on hand. Hopefully everyone gets one!

  16. I think I paid $12 at the Toyota dealership. No shipping charge.

  17. Do you have a part number or anything?

  18. I mean yes, I haven’t been able to find them.

  19. So I reverted back and the backbone won’t respond to anything I can’t log into the app, is it possible I have a bad backbone?

  20. Darn it. I PC red Sox’s. I’ll see next week if I have any doubles for ya.

  21. What do you mean the new stuff? Do you have any packs that I should be buying in particular? Or just fine what I prefer and go with those packs?

  22. I don’t have any good recommendations for specific Red Sox pulls. Ask around though, people on here have way more knowledge than I do.

  23. I'm new to this game, so forgive me LCS?

  24. Perfect thanks!! I’m gonna go have something to eat then I’ll get gigas - you should hear back from me within a couple hours

  25. Sounds great! Im running to do some things this afternoon - will check in every so often!

  26. Battle wasn’t hard at all - gigantamax urshifu lvl 75 took it out in 3 hits - let me know when you’re free and I’ll send you eleki and drago

  27. I caught! Want to trade back now? Link code 1236 9874

  28. Tidbit for a shiney sologeo - dont know why - but i absolutely love it

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