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  1. That whole Tito and Dana shit was so weird. Tito was essentially saying he wasn't getting paid anything in one interview and then he'd do an interview with Howard Stern and say he was paid millions per fight. Both guys are bullshitters so you'll never know the truth about why they started to hate each other. With the way these MMA guys are looking going against youtubers like Jake Paul I think Dana would've shocked Tito. Dana at the very least had some formal boxing training. It seems like a lot of MMA fighters just never really learned basic boxing defense and just adapted their striking to set up/defend takedowns.

  2. bruh, formal boxing training? more like boxercise

  3. Dana was known in the boxing gyms in Boston. He even knew the Mayweathers from back in the day. The boxing fitness thing is a cool thing to deflect and make fun of him, but that's not the reality.

  4. Agreed! Although, I generally find(found) him to be the most annoying. Always seemed like he tried to hard to fake something.

  5. Him and the guy that shits his pants all the time are the two most annoying guys in the crew. Bam gets pretty annoying too.

  6. It’s universally agreed those 2 are the least entertaining. Didn’t like most of their stunts just because they were in it lol

  7. The only funny stunts I liked were this guy getting kidnapped and the other guy shitting in one of the model toilets and just leaving it there. Then again I saw that on MTV when I was like 8 and thought it was the funniest thing in the world. Maybe I'd think differently now.

  8. David Fincher: IIRC commercials led to music videos led to feature films.

  9. Ridley Scott famously did like 1,000 commercials before directing a movie in his early 40s. Crazy to think about that. I hear the commercials and music videos train directors like no other medium.

  10. Didn’t he lead 3-4 things shortly after and they weren’t very good/didn’t do very well?

  11. Yeah, when you get a starring role that raises your profile you need a great agency to line you up with the plush gigs to capitalize on your good buzz. Dude's agents werent very good. Someone like Orlando Bloom, who isnt the most compelling actor around, his agents were the Micheal Jordan of agents.

  12. Yeah but you can't say his agents weren't good when they got him lead work. The 90s were a different animal compared to today's climant. Back then you could have 3 or 4 movies open the same day and each make good money per their budget. Bloom just got ridiculously lucky with the projects he got.

  13. Yeah he went through the 90s/early 2000s phase of being a youngish guy who lead lower budget studio stuff and none of it connected. There were a million of guys like that. Although Dead Man on Campus is a guilty pleasure I watch like once a year.

  14. I mean if he's keeping his dosages checked and he's getting check-ups with his cardiologist then this is far healthier than when he was a fat slob.

  15. I haven’t watched them, and kinda decided not to after seeing their reviews, so I don’t know if this one is connected to the rest at all.

  16. That's the first movies. Mila Jokovich married Paul W.S Anderson and after the first movie was a hit, he basically built the entire franchise around her. You're essentially right. The movies had very little to nothing to do with the games and Mila's character, which to my knowledge have no connection to the game, became the main character meanwhile they killed some of the big fan favorites. Raccoon City is a more faithful adaptation, but it's horrible. The first Resident Evil is actually a pretty good dumb horror movie.

  17. One of the biggest what-ifs to me is if Universal got out of his way and like Andy Muschietti direct the Mummy. I can't imagine how insane that movie would've been.

  18. I wouldn't worry about it honestly. If you have the money there are good brands like Safecatch who test all of the Tuna they package and they're below any dangerous mercury levels. If you don't have the money to spend $4+ for a single can like me then chunk light tuna that's wild caught is probably your best bet. Smaller fish with less mercury compared to a larger albacore tuna. The mercury stuff is not something I'd worry about too much until we know for sure how dangerous it is to humans . There's a recent study that I'm struggling to find now that is exploring the selenium in the Tuna and its effects on mercury absorption in humans. So the entire mercury thing may be all about nothing.

  19. Wait, are you saying we don't already know mercury is extremely bad for humans?!

  20. No that's not what I said at all. I said we do not know how much mercury from fish actually gets converted into our bodies from eating the fish.

  21. It would be interesting seeing these Russian dudes fight guys who are legitimately superior in terms of straight up wrestling accolades and how they adapt. Khabib got taken down a bunch for Killa Trujillo but showed a crazy guard.

  22. Another big time Japanese prospect to keep an eye out for is Roki Sasaki. Arguably has the best stuff to ever come out of Japan. Both guys will be highly desirable when they're posted.

  23. This is the next big super prospect out of Japan. Rumor is he will be posted in the next 2 to 3 years. Fits everything the Yankees love.

  24. The entire crux of Tesla is that it's a tech company. As presently build it's a company that's delivering cars, but no where near delivering on their actual ambitions like FSD, Robot taxis, Solar roofs, etc. Elon HAS to pump the stock with this bullshit. Remember he revealed the Tesla Truck after it was clear there was no fucking chance the Robotaxis were coming a year after like he claimed. 2030 is where a lot of shit is going to get interesting. If they don't solve the autonomous driving shit and get to that 20 million deliveries goal that stock is going tofucking crater. Maybe even before 2030. By that time as well pretty much alll thge legacy automakers will be switching to an electric drivetrain as well.

  25. I will bet big time money that this shit does not come out in 2027. I'd almost gurantee it.

  26. Billy is behaving like such a bottom about this whole thing.

  27. That's all that you can say because you don't know boxing to refute my claim. This dude has been rocked by bums. Wtf you think even a guy like mercer would do to him in his prime?

  28. All those fighters also ate punches from the heaviest hitters in their era. Ali ate punches from fucking Earnie Shavers. What big punchers has Tyson fought that hit him clean and he didn't drop?

  29. Willing to bet any amount of money a white guy wrote this and if that’s not the case wtf is wrong with you

  30. For starters you literally said BBC genetics instead of black or African genetics.

  31. You thinking too much into homie. BBC genetics is known slang in the bodybuilding community for black genetics.

  32. Most of the anime adaptations completely misunderstand the point of the source material. As someone born in 92, I pretty much grew up on Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. It was so popular they replaced recess in my elementary school with showings of Dragon Ball Z in the auditorium. The feature film comes out and it's a bastardization of the entire property and absolute shit. Same thing happened with the Last Airbender movie.

  33. lol how did your school get away with replacing recess with dragon ball screenings

  34. This was the late 90s/ early 2000s in New York. People didn't care that much. Then again not many other elementary schools had our set up so I guess it wasn't a big deal for the school district. I think the main reason they did it was that it was becoming hard for them to keep an eye on all of the kids during recess. If you watched the TV show Recess that's basically how my school was laid out for Recess. The play area was huge. You had a full basketball court, full soccer area, full swing and play area, etc.

  35. I genuinely think this team is so close to being complete. We need a few more pieces on defense, a true number 1 wideout, and a few O-Lineman. That sounds like a lot but we have to draft picks and cap space. That's why I'm constantly saying Saleh just needs time.

  36. This is correct and this is something people have to understand when interpreting studies. This is why there needs to be a better understanding of how to present nutrition research and finidngs to people before making bold claims about specific foods or food groups.

  37. He would probably need licensing from the UFC to do that

  38. I actually think what Joe would do if he left the UFC in that scenario is make the fight companion thing a actual thing and stream doing them every UFC event. He could pitch that to youtube or twitch and make even more money.

  39. Loved the film. Came out when I was in high school too so the humor was pretty relevant at the time. This post is just further proof that movies like that can’t get made anymore because people just wanna find something to be upset about. I think The Other Guys was the last movie to come out that actually made me lol.

  40. Which is a shame. It's a damn shame. When I bring this up on this sub people shit on me, but there's a reason the top comedic directors like the Farrelly brothers, Adam Mckay, Todd Phillips, etc are done with making comedies and they've moved on. They do not want to make an edgy comedy and then deal with people on social media trying to shit on them for jokes. I'm just glad I lived through those late 90s and 2000s comedies and the 70s and 80s comedies would get replayed constantly on TV when I was a kid during that time.

  41. Sounds like you're either trolling or way too PC to even get a movie like that.

  42. So she could be developed into top tier. That's normally what developmental does. It develops

  43. The problem is the IWC doesn't understand NXT is a developmental org. That's the issue I have with NXT being on TV. It gives people the wrong idea of what's going on. So when people eat pins or get sent back down it's viewed wrongly.

  44. Sent back is someone not supposed to accept that as negative?

  45. Because it's not. Wrestling is not a linear thing. Sometimes gimmicks don't work. Sometimes people who were brought up need more time to learn how better wrestle. She wasn't brought down into NXT and withered away like Ember Moon. They brought her down and pushed her and now she's a thousand times better than when she was up there as eye candy.

  46. From the evidence, we've seen Yan is the better striker, but he does get hit early in fights. I just don't think Sean has the power to keep Petr off of him for 3 rounds.

  47. All of the founding fathers were sick fucks. We teach a very tame version of American history in our schools.

  48. I mean you still have to have a good diet and work out lmao.

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