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  1. Golden Kamuy is definitely a must read, I would also recommend reading

  2. Interesting, first time I've seen Real be recommended and no mention of Vagabond.

  3. Vagabond is seinen gateway so somebody else gonna recc them or they'll naturally gonna read them eventually

  4. crying to a series is more about how much you can relate to it, it's perfectly fine to not cry to a series where they only out the sad 'twist' at the end (like the fmc dies) if you don't care about the fmc in the first place. (idk if anohana is like that)

  5. episodic daily life sutff? idk about that but those series should make you laugh a lot anyway:

  6. I don't think they're mostly in school settings but you can always check

  7. oh yea if you want some romcom with combat sport as its main theme you can check

  8. I believe it when i see it. The word "later" has pretty big differences when it comes down to the actual time one has to wait in the end.

  9. well yeah they have their own pace since mangadex is not the staff main/only job but it'll be there eventually

  10. Piccola I think. I forget the author's name

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