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  1. It’s often joked about how many Tune Squad jerseys are at Perry’s (Lolla’s EDM stage), so yes, any and all kinds of EDM jerseys are definitely popular.

  2. The blocked contract was 17 years, $102 mil and the approved one was 15 years, $100 mil. And that was over a decade ago lol

  3. They’d be a great fit for the Limp Bizkit slot, especially if they’re subbing for a big rock band.

  4. Antoine Vermette had 3 game winners in the 2015 playoffs, 2 of which were in the Finals.

  5. Jamie xx -> LCD Soundsystem is gonna be legendary

  6. Man, I can’t imagine it would happen, but how sweet would it be to have Stromae over here smack dab in the middle of that two month pause in his European tour?

  7. It was such a bummer when he pulled out in 2015, he’s definitely long overdue to play at Lolla.

  8. Great AAV for his production but also a missed opportunity to flip him at the deadline.

  9. Lolla still hasn’t book Skepta or Stormzy. That should tell you about Lolla booking UK rap lol.

  10. Skepta was booked in 2016 but dropped out due to visa issues. But yeah Lolla definitely doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to having UK rap.

  11. We have way too many bottom 6 forwards but I would love to have Vinny back lol

  12. A Ducks/Hawks game in their jerseys from the movies would be perfect for Disney.

  13. I was curious since they spelled “Douglas” the old way, and there is a

  14. Crazy that 3/7 of the D are Hawks prospects. I wonder if Korchinski and Allan get paired since they’ve been playing together in Seattle.

  15. Tank commander Mrazek doing his job well

  16. Did he change jersey number or is he wearing some random jersey that they just found and threw on him? I’m pretty sure that’s #22 on that jersey.

  17. Probably a photo from the draft where the year is the default number for everyone.

  18. Don’t the Wild have enough fighters already?

  19. I don't like the move, but Foligno is really the only guy who would make other teams think twice about taking extra shots at Kaprizov. Like, yeah, Duhaime and Hartman (currently hurt) will fight you, but who is that really scaring? And Foligno is pretty important so they don't really want him to have to handle all of the battles

  20. Given that Hartman got hurt in a fight I can definitely see why y’all wouldn’t want him or Foligno dropping the gloves. The Hawks had that issue for a few years where it felt like only Toews or DeBrincat would be willing to.

  21. Korchinski and Allan are now teammates!

  22. Based on some quick googling, it looks like it was done by

  23. Has there ever been a time where a player got a Hatty, everyone threw hats, and then it got called back?

  24. It’s game #12 for the Hawks and they’re already down to their 5th string goalie due to injuries.

  25. At his cap hit, probably not lol

  26. Love to see it! Foals and The Linda Lindas would be great adds as well.

  27. I saw The Linda Lindas at Riot Fest this year and they were so much fun!

  28. Yeah they were awesome at Pitchfork this year too! Both them and Foals are always great live.

  29. So uhh, anyone got a goalie available? 3/4 of the Hawks’ signed goalies are now injured.

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