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  1. I believe that, but I also think rarely do those people articulate their insecurities like cartoon villains spewing out their motivations like this, lol.

  2. Oop said 1 year and 4 months, not 6 months. And she said she'd told her best friend she was losing weight and updated her, the friend just did not realise how thin she'd gotten until they met.

  3. I would have been open to believe part of the story if OP hadn’t described herself as some sort of giant at 5’7 and that she somehow looks bigger because of her height? Meanwhile her friend is apparently small and thin at 5 feet. If 5 feet means you’re small enough for it to be a thing you’re not in a place where a woman is considered remarkably tall at 5’7.

  4. It's not really about society ostracizing tho? Like short women are considered cuter and more attractive in some places and that mentality could lead to someone as tall as 5'7 being treated in a less feminine way. I had a similar experience growing up. I wasn't too tall.. 5'8 and one of my friends was 5. She'd also treat me like I was her boyfriend. This kind of thing happens a lot, especially in high schools, where the tall girl is looked on as essentially the "guy", especially if she happens to be on the chubbier side. Also OP said she was 5'7 and 93 kgs. That would qualify as fat... She didn't look huge because of her height.

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