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  1. Let’s not kid ourselves here, inflation is not the only reason why food prices are expensive here in Canada. It’s due to greed and lack of competition. I’ll talk with my family back home in the UK often and they are amazed how expensive fresh vegetables and fruits are in Canada.

  2. Why does everyone blame house prices? when the real issue is wages and taxes in Nova Scotia. Our houses prices was under valued upto 2-3 years ago, and have now finally catch up where they should of been in the first place.

  3. I saw this report on the news and i’m a little confused as to what the issue actually is, I wish they’d explain what was actually bad about the deal rather than throw around “socialist/communist takeover”, it doesn’t give me a lot of faith they’re coming at it from a rational perspective.

  4. I’ll think main problem from what my son daycare is saying, is it not necessarily the program they are against it now the government wants to go about setting it up and not being transparent with them.

  5. A large portion of the population can't afford to send their kids to daycares with trained ECE's. A very large amount of people can only afford private home run daycares who basically just babysit your kids. At least now every kid will get an actual ECE and not just a baby sitter until they are old enough for the public school system.

  6. And a large amount of Nova Scotians live in poverty due to low wages in our province, but you don’t hear the government telling business they have to pay people a living wage with benefits or going after companies like Loblaws or Sobeys and telling them they can no longer operate for profit, and have to operate as a nonprofit so people can buy food at cost!

  7. Early favourites for the job

  8. Incoming for Everton…. Steve Bruce!!!

  9. Incoming for Everton…. Steve Bruce!!!

  10. Bank branches are so old school and yesterday, people need to learn to keep up with the times. Last time I visited a branch was about 4 years ago to open my bank account when I first arrived in Canada, everything else I can do online, over the phone or at the ATM.

  11. This only applies to regulated non-profit daycares, anyone who is a regulated for-profit child-care centre will not have to offer the discount!

  12. For people who disagree with this, what do you think is the motivation of this?

  13. Irving, they control the NB government!

  14. From the end of the 2021/2022 season DAZN will no longer have the rights for the EPL in Canada, from start of the 2022/2023 EPL season in August the EPL will be live and exclusive on fuboTV

  15. Let’s hope this means we get better picture quality from next season. I’ll would like at least 1080p, ideally 4K.

  16. Halifax #1 lmfao 🤣 as someone who has lived here for 4 years I can tell you it is a boring city with not much to offer. We have poor healthcare, high taxes, low wages and terrible infrastructure.

  17. Absolutely beautiful place. I would move out there in a heartbeat if I could convince me wife. It my favourite place to visit in Canada 🇨🇦

  18. Looks like TSN and Sportsnet are still in , auction for rights was on November 23rd i believe. Hope Prime gets it tho ;( Dazn only got 1 year of ucl as well per uefa documents

  19. I’ll really hope it does not end up on TSN or Sportsnet again. The presenters last time round was terrible, and then you had to buy Sportsnet World to access some of the games.

  20. Hopefully it goes somewhere where they actually offer 1080p.

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