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  1. Learn basics of propaganda: According to regional officials, the Russian army shelled Kherson 12 times yesterday, hitting the maternity hospital, school, polyclinic, seaport and residential buildings with Ukrainian soldiers in the buildings. Surprise! Naive kids this days...

  2. Iran can operate thousands of centrifuges for many years and make their own, or they can acquire some material in a quick delivery from Russia as a quid pro quo for their drones. If you were Khamenei, which option would you pick?

  3. BCC should next make a documentary on Winston Churchill (specially on his views on other races like indians aka the "the beastly people" ) and how the British crown caused so many famines and divide and rule based Communal riots in india during their colonialist rule. Would be even better if they make a documentary on how much the British crown stole from India, Egypt and other countries.

  4. Can someone tell me why is this a big deal in India? Sure i guess it involves the typical corruption scandal but they are treating this documentary like it is the devil himself.

  5. Right, and it's also worth noting that they still haven't hit the Kremlin. They were simply drawing attention to the fact they can if they want to. I think this messaging is actually directed at the west. "Look how restrained we've been. Can we have F-16s yet?"

  6. That's great rhetoric to get Kremlin to shit their pants - but it also convinces US to not send long range HIMARS missiles which Ukraine has long pleaded. Ukraine could lose a lot of Western support if they attack the Kremlin which isn't directly a military target.

  7. The Kremlin is a military command-and-control center and it is a legitimate military target.

  8. Just bring out Kim to give a speech. The hot air will end the extreme cold in a jiffy.

  9. They killed so many people - that using a single bullet per person was deemed too costly and slow. Think about that for a second - they industrialized genocide - it gives you a different perspective to think about it as a factory designed to produce dead bodies.

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