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  1. There's over 3.1 million people in Orange County. You're worried about 77 cases? Also, unlike COVID which was killing people left and right / you could get it from damn near anyone, this Monkeypox deal doesn't have the same fatalities and it dis-proportionally targets very select communities predominately from sexual contact.

  2. Big cities in the US are seeing a MASSIVE spike in expensive watch robbery. Really good idea to leave the watch in a safe deposit box. These thieves are now expert in identifying these watches.

  3. I think my Casio G-Shock is probably not a high risk...

  4. Who cares if they're junkies? Their life is obviously much harder than mine, even after I part ways with $1. I don't care what they spend it on.

  5. Enablers are coconspirators of addiction.

  6. Welp, I'm very cool with just going to Boomerang. That's just $5.99 per month or $50 per year and my kids like Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Garfield, Jetsons, Flintstones, etc.

  7. That's good to know. I have friends with kids and some of them are trying to ween them off Disney stuff (not politically motivated - just hate all the merch and how the kids are constantly wanting stuff from the shows / how things are constantly marketed towards children). Some classic toons probably would fit the bill!

  8. An old man in my town used to drive around in a pretty crusty Mazda Navajo 5 speed. He seriously drove that thing probably 15-20mph under the speed limit and shouldn't have probably been on the road. Haven't seen him since the pandemic though.

  9. Gearing / rpm at whatever speed makes a big difference. I did a road trip in my '15 Grand Cherokee Limited V6 RWD. Did a 1000 mile segment in one day of driving (only stopped once for gas / lunch) and returned 29mpg despite driving 75mph. On the other hand, my work van (Transit Connect 2.5L 6 speed auto FWD) seems to only get 25-26mpg no matter if I drive it 55/65/75mph so go figure given it has two less cylinders (but also two less gears).

  10. I was at the park yesterday evening for the firs time since they kicked out all the homeless and it was great. People were out and about enjoying their day/evening. Kids running around. No needles or feces allover the place. Not sure why people are protesting the fact that it's now an enjoyable place to visit vs some sort of dystopian mad max scene. One person I was with said "Sure is nice to be here and not be chased down my aggressive dogs owned by homeless people like I was the last time I was here."

  11. I'm partial to the grille on my '68 Camper Special Ranger

  12. I mean I bought six teak chairs in slightly worse shape for $600 a couple years ago? Mine are stamped with a Swedish maker on the bottom.

  13. Bob Barker says, "Remember to spay and neuter your cats and dogs"

  14. I think country clubs are dumb too but it has been there since 1919

  15. What’s dumb about people who got together to buy and develop land and charge a membership to join their club? If it wasn’t for that country club that “green area” wouldn’t even exist.

  16. I guess I should have prefaced that I'm more partial to putt-putt and the 19th hole than a day on the links.

  17. I'm still upset that Tacos Olivos closed down (seems they were kicked out as that entire complex now has a gate around it and I'm assuming it all is going to be demolished).

  18. Beautiful countryside there. Reminds me of the Central Coast of California for some reason.

  19. What a shame San Clemente has become. I grew up there and it used to be a purplish mixture of Reaganites and surf VW van types which kept it "interesting" but not nefarious (it seemed the only thing the city council was concerned about was arguing about what to do with the Miramar Theater for most of the 90s/00s). Why they have the gall to try to change something that already has been decided at the state level is beyond me. My parents still live there in my childhood home and I've already talked to them and they will be voting against any council member that goes along with this resolution.

  20. I'm going to assume that's $60+ worth of food right there.

  21. The Hemi is getting a big dated. Think they slightly updated for '13 model year and that's been about it.

  22. Trademark Brewery in Long Beach has viewing parties

  23. You will find them all down in LBC when they have the F1 race there

  24. That's Indy Car. Totally different sport.

  25. With the government's inaction on dealing with the homeless and instead hoping that it all magically just goes away (

  26. In the perfect world, no state would offer tax payer subsidies to corporations as it is a bit of a race to the bottom. It is entertaining to see Hollywood do mental gymnastics about doing business (

  27. I mean it helps the economy. If they can get people to film in LA it allows the crews the make more money year round. I know a lot of guys who have had to basically relocate to GA because that's where a lot of TV and movies is being g shot because of the tax incentives.

  28. It does to an extent for sure. I am in IATSE and I've just basically put features / tv on the back burner and have focused on commercials and documentaries. I used to do a few smaller indie features a year here in LA but a few years back, it seems everything headed out of state and I have no intention of relocating to Georgia.

  29. Oh good. I'm so out of touch with modern cars. I'm still plugging along with my 2014 car.

  30. 2014 isn't old for a car these days, don't belittle yourself for "only" having a 2014. These car companies would want you to buy a new one every year if they could, don't give in to it.

  31. My wife just got the base model M2 Air. Works fine? Super fast. I even borrowed it to render a video file that would have taken over an hour on my older iMac and it plowed through it in a couple minutes. I don't think she's even charged it since Monday morning and it still has plenty of juice left.

  32. A 2012 with 212k miles on it recently sold on eBay for $6500 so maybe ask $6500 and see where that takes you? You can always negotiate lower with the buyer, but not higher so best to start in the ball park, go in with an open mind and go from there.

  33. This is what's going to connect to the new economy lot, yeah? I've been parking over there recently since Ubers are $8.3 billion per ride now ($12/day to park if you pay ahead of time I believe?). Nice facility but you have to wait for their bus to come pick you up vs this would be probably quicker and more reliable.

  34. This is kinda related. Car shopping for my wife the last couple weeks and we came across a car we liked but it was priced at 28,5 with almost 60k on the clock. I asked the salesman about the price and tried negotiating down and getting them to include a service contract at no charge to us due to the vehicle being out of warranty. I said we liked the vehicle but the price didn’t make sense considering I could drive thirty minutes and buy a brand new one for 30,000 with no markup and no miles. His reply was “this is a great price” with a picture of the dealer website and a “great price” badge on the listing. Needless to say we drove thirty minutes down the road and put a down payment on the new one. Some of these dealerships have a collective single brain cell and it’s running on E

  35. Brain cells aren't found anywhere on a dealer lot.

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